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This tracker is for core feature requests. Patches go to a different tracker. Plugin Feature Requests belong in another tracker too.

Please first discuss your feature request on jedit-users, to make sure the feature does not already exist in jEdit itself, or a plugin. No single person really knows all the things jEdit can already do.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority Votes
488 Mode Property: Default Encoding none open 3 days ago 16 hours ago 5 0  
472 API to offer alternate EditorComponent for VFS/modes/buffers none closed-duplicate 2013-07-29 2014-03-24 2 0  
456 site-wide folder for modes, macros and plugins that is not clobbered by upgrades none open 2013-01-07 2013-12-10 2 0  
298 Multiple buffers per file none open 2009-07-14 2013-12-23 2 0  
210 new icon theming: use standard file system layout none closed-rejected Seph Soliman 2008-04-04 2013-12-10 5 0  
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