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  • Modified ticket #1472 on jEdit

    BufferTabs: tabs in single row - active tab not visible

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1472 on jEdit

    Looks like this one got fixed somewhere along the way.

  • Committed [r23641]

    Clean up the mark dialog and center it.

  • Committed [r23640]

    Fixed issue with 0 not showing completely.

  • Modified ticket #3873 on jEdit

    Block comments broken in script tags in HTML mode.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #3873 on jEdit

    I saw the same problem, upgrading to the latest 5.2pre1 code fixed it.

  • Modified ticket #941 on jEdit

    JavaSideKick 3.2.0

  • Posted a comment on ticket #941 on jEdit

    Go ahead and release this, please.

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