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  • Committed [r23930]

    Added Makarius' fix for tree row height at the ...

  • Committed [r23924]

    Some code clean up, added an option pane, updat...

  • Modified ticket #1962 on jEdit

    4.2pre8: Keyboard focus bug in File Not Saved dialog

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1962 on jEdit

    I agree, the Enter button should also work. That is typical and expected behavio...

  • Committed [r23889]

    Added error message about missing ant dependenc...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1814 on jEdit

    Also, does a dialog pop up? Are you able to enter a line number?

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1814 on jEdit

    Details, please -- Navigator version, jEdit version, JDK version, OS.

  • Committed [r23888]

    Prep for release, updated docs, etc.

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