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Before submitting (and creating) a translation, please make sure that there has no translation been submitted for the language. Feel free to discuss improvements, enhancements of an existing translation with its creator. (The development team will most probably not be able to discuss about translation submitted by others.) Please let us know if you encounter inappropriate content in a translation.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated
137 French translation plugin office 1.0 open 2014-04-02 2014-04-02  
127 French Greenshot help 1.0 open 2013-04-30 2013-05-18  
97 Serbian translation None open 2012-12-21 2013-01-20  
89 Ukrainian translation for GreenShot 1.0 open 2012-11-01 2012-11-01  
88 Greenshot 1.0 Serbian translation (inc. plugins & installer) 1.0 open 2012-10-31 2013-01-20