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#838 Several Hyperlinks for one node


There is ability to add hyperlink for node. I use it often by pressing Ctrl-K. Unfortunately it's impossible to add several links into one node (in my 0.9.0 under SUSE 11.2). If I press Ctrl-K for node witch already have hyperlink, FreeMind opens dialog for EDITING existing hyperlink, instead of adding new one. As for me, it's very good to allow users to add few hyperlinks for node, like mind42.org do for example. Node with several links might look like:
Node_with_one_Link ->
Node_with_two_Links -> ->
Node_with_three_Links -> -> ->
I got this idea from mind42. May be you invent something more convenient.
Thank you guys! Nice work!


  • Wellington

    Hi! I'm a user like you, and I did test the mind42.com to understand this, and I really didn't like it... I'll try to explain my point.

    In the way mind42 implements it, you actually have 4 fixed links (web, wikipedia, e-mail and mindmap), not "several links", and when you click the node it opens the "links panel" showing each link in a tab.

    With this, you lose the easiness of open that link with a single click on the node - like we can do today on FreeMind.

    In FreeMind, if I want several links in a node, I would add a child node for each link. Or even a "links" node, which you can collapse if you don't want the links to always be on the screen.

    I really would not like to click a node with a link and open a "links panel", instead of open the link.

    Last edit: Wellington 2013-04-19