Wellington - 2013-04-19

Hi! I'm a user like you, and I did test the mind42.com to understand this, and I really didn't like it... I'll try to explain my point.

In the way mind42 implements it, you actually have 4 fixed links (web, wikipedia, e-mail and mindmap), not "several links", and when you click the node it opens the "links panel" showing each link in a tab.

With this, you lose the easiness of open that link with a single click on the node - like we can do today on FreeMind.

In FreeMind, if I want several links in a node, I would add a child node for each link. Or even a "links" node, which you can collapse if you don't want the links to always be on the screen.

I really would not like to click a node with a link and open a "links panel", instead of open the link.

Last edit: Wellington 2013-04-19