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  • Committed [c72a75]

    * Sorting order of attribute table is stored.

  • Committed [ec61fd]

    * Fixed: Focus lost ==> Attributes are saved

  • Committed [c2abc1]

    * dirty flag for attribute table fixed.

  • Committed [2dc030]

    * map dirty when changing attributes.

  • Committed [eae794]

    * hopefully fixed out of memory on thumbnail im...

  • Committed [3d7f75]

    * remove row finished

  • Committed [8b9b05]

    * Fixed selection of attribute table after insert.

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on FreeMind

    Hi, seems, that your file is corrupt (maybe a disk error?). You can search for XML...

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2003-10-12 21:27:31


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