SourceBrowser, ExecuteCommands

  • The SourceBrowser now allows for labels.

    Now, Looking at how I did it, and how spe handles it, I am not sure which is ideal!

    Please feel free to mess around with the behaviour of where labels end up.

    My concern was I did not want classes split in half by labels if the user did not indent, so I used a lazy sort of algorithm (plop it on whatever the last block level was).

    ExecuteCommands is a drPrompt method,
    that lets you run commands in the prompt.
    My initial plans were for a startup script (implemented)
    and "Run Current Line in the Prompt" (not yet implemented).

    This allows for all sort fo mischief, most notably ugly sync errors (which I am pretty sure I have handled).

    I have not yet added this to the docs, as I want to see how well it fares in the wild before letting people know its roaming around.