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  • Committed [45b3ce]

    Remove TODO, join two if's into one.

  • Committed [d4653a]

    Replace get() by x0(), x1()... when accessing c...

  • Committed [81188d]

    Finish the renaming - rename the project names ...

  • Committed [9ef676]

    Use Collections.unmodifiableList to make sure n...

  • Committed [1c6069]

    Do some renaming to reflect the fact this is no...

  • Committed [335904]

    Foundations for filtering. No radius filtering ...

  • Committed [32d66b]

    Use stack for traceInnerFaces().

  • Committed [cfe6ce]

    Implement filtering based on radius.

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2008-03-14 15:14:08


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