A PHP Web Application that you can install on your own web server. It allows you to play chess with other users across the internet or sitting at the same screen. It only permits valid moves and can automatically detect check and checkmate status.


  • Supports undo requests for those unfortunate mistakes
  • View a replay of completed games
  • Send and receive messages with other players
  • Includes three themes your users can choose from or make your own
  • Everything you need to setup a casual chess server
  • Play in any graphical web browser with javascript support
  • Adheres to web standards - no client download or plugins needed to play
  • Compatible with most firewall setups
  • Play on modern devices like Android phones, iPhones and iPads

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User Reviews

  • Very nice! Had minor things to improve. The improved version is in github.com/Thorium/webchess

  • I'm grateful for this software ... One thing however ... I almost installed it the old way (very manually) instead of using the new install.php ... because it's natural to look into the docs and there is no hint of the new way ... Setting things up with install.php was simple ... One thing I'm not clear about ... shouldn't there be some kind of silence period for the eMail-feature ? What I mean is that sometimes two people meet on the phone and talk while playing - no need to get 30 eMails after a game, actually there should probably some way to explicitly send the notification ... Another little thing ... at first I didn't see where to click to join a game ... the INDEX in the table - a small number ... could probably be more obvious :-) ... And of course I did not expect that there's no admin screen ... no way to filter registration requests, either anybody can join or nobody at all - and I have no idea how to get rid of registered users ... or maybe I should seek through those PHPs ... otherwise it does what it "should" ... very nice !

    1 user found this review helpful.
  • Good program with simple, but nice interface and functions. Playing with my family members now over the Internet. Positive: - GPL license - suits my needs - offers me possibility to learn programming chess game myself by analyzing code and documented mysql tables - no major bugs found so far. Cons: - project updates long ago (are improvements made?) - although version does what it needs to do, some less relevant parts not working correctly for example change of language. Due to minor shortcomings no 5 stars are given, but I'm really happy with this game.

  • very good project, thanks!

    2 users found this review helpful.
  • Been following webchess since beholder board. There have been better versions in the past. I have a version 2. Works great and installs great. This webchess1rc2.version is a step back or 2. I could not get the admin portion to work. I am staying with my version 2. After more than three years later. I was expecting alot more. Instead there is less. Sorry guys. My first thumbs down. Update: Changing my thumbs down to thumbs up. 3 days later went back to try again. Admin works now. Must have been a cache thing.

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Intended Audience

End Users/Desktop, Other Audience, System Administrators

User Interface


Programming Language

JavaScript, PHP

Database Environment

MySQL, SQL-based