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VYM - View Your Mind (c) 2004-2016 by Uwe Drechsel


  • PDF

    The complete documentation of vym is available as PDF document in english and spanish. (The spanish version is not really up to date, translators are welcome). It can be accessed directly from vym via the help section It also can be downloaded from the vym site at Sourceforge:

  • Screencasts

    There are several screencasts available on YouTube, which show some feature of vym and how to use them:


The official downloads for all platforms are available at the project site:

The latest binaries for Linux (currently mainly openSUSE) are found in the Open Build Service project of Uwe Drechsel (aka insilmaril):


  • Binaries

    Installation depends on the platform you use, please check the homepage for details:

  • Compiling

    Compiling vym from scratch is pretty easy, if you have the development packages of the Qt5 toolkit installed. (Check also the homepage above for details):

    qmake make make install

  • Testing (without installing!)

    You can also run vym virtually in your webbrowser: vym is available as appliance in SUSE Studio. SUSE Studio is a very easy way to create appliances, which are customized Linux operating systems.

    All you need is to quickly create a free account and search for "vym" by user "insilmaril" in the gallery:

    The appliance can be downloaded as installable iso image, or run in the testdrive - in your webbrowser! That's a bit slow, but gives you an idea without having to install anything at all on your system.

Questions and feedback

Please direct questions to the mailinglist first:
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