"Unified Modular System" is project primarily designed to create platform independent light-weighted modular applications like games but also GUI or service utilities supported. Application is gathered from unified modules as brick wall from brick.


  • Platform-dependent thread-safe and sync functions is implemented at low level
  • Light-weighted by code, dependency requirements and memory usage, core uses only standart C++ and C libraries and do not used STL libraries
  • Modular system using automatic dynamically loaded and unloaded SO on Unix platforms and DLL on Win32 platforms
  • Integrated profiling and leak analysing support
  • Most objects use ref-counting method to automatic memory management, most solid objects use automatically re-sized memory blocks
  • Engine using mostly UTF8 encoding inside with some parts using UTF16 and UTF32 but conversion from any platform-supported code pages also supported
  • Media library with virtual file system and virtual object loaders
  • Act with zip archives, Quake2 pak files, Doom2 wad files as read-write directories
  • lib2d with customized ui controls (frames, lists, edits, etc.) using fonts and images
  • lib3d with physics (bullet or ODE) and 3d rendering (OpenGL thru SDL)
  • libCom hi-level network communication and file transfer
  • Scripting using squirrel (http://sourceforge.net/projects/squirel) and TinyC
  • Support of large amount of 3d media files including 3DS, Quake1 and Quake2 media files
  • Support of large amount of 2d media files including tga, pcx, png, jpeg, Quake1 and Quake2 media files

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Additional Project Details


English, Russian

Intended Audience

Developers, Information Technology, Science/Research

User Interface

Console/Terminal, OpenGL, Win32 (MS Windows), X Window System (X11)

Programming Language

C, C++