SaltOS is a Business Management solution 100% Cloud Computing. It integrates features like CRM (Customer Relation Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Moreover is it licensed as 100% free software GPL-3.0.


  • CRM, ERP and Management Suite
  • Developed using the SaltOS Framework
  • Provides a Rich Internet Application
  • Support for MariaDB (the new MySQL really free) and SQLite3 databases engines.
  • Applications developed using XML templates

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User Reviews

  • This is my first time in the system

  • Hi laurelacc If you are living problems with SaltOS, please refer to the forum and get help from the community, but if you don't know how run an application, please, not rate the project with negative points. This application is to be used in UNIX servers and the release available for Windows it's only a very simple demonstration that can don't work by a lot of things. This Windows release installs an Apache web server, the PHP with support for SQLite and my application, SaltOS. If fails the Apache install by permissions or other things, SaltOS is not the responsible. If you want to play with SaltOS, you can try it in the demonstration environment. Think before you rate!!!. Josep Sanz. The SaltOS project.

  • Please don't try this, there is no documentation saying, how to start after the installation. If you go through the desktop icon, a message on browser " It works" Simple waste of time.

  • Excellent app. Very impressive. Recommended.

  • I like

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Additional Project Details


French, Catalan, English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Arabic

Intended Audience

Developers, End Users/Desktop

User Interface

X Window System (X11), Win32 (MS Windows), Cocoa (MacOS X), Web-based

Programming Language

PHP, XSL (XSLT/XPath/XSL-FO), JavaScript

Database Environment