Event-driven, RTOS-like, active object frameworks for microcontrollers

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QP is a family of lightweight software frameworks for building responsive and modular real-time embedded applications as systems of cooperating, event-driven active objects (actors). The QP family consists of QP/C, QP/C++, and QP-nano frameworks, which are all strictly quality controlled, superbly documented, and commercially licensable.

The behavior of active objects is specified in QP by means of hierarchical state machines (UML statecharts). The frameworks support manual coding of UML state machines in C or C++ as well as automatic code generation by means of the free QM modeling tool.

All QP frameworks can run on bare-metal MCUs, completely replacing a traditional RTOS. Ports and ready-to-use examples are provided for all major CPUs, such as ARM Cortex-M, ARM7/9, MSP430, C28x, C55x, RX, R8C, AVR32, AVRMega, PIC24/dsPIC, as well as Arduino and mbed. QP/C and QP/C++ can also work with a traditional OS/RTOS, such as: POSIX (Linux, QNX), Windows, VxWorks, ThreadX, and uC/OS.


  • World's smallest active object (actor) frameworks for embedded microcontrollers
  • Modern event-driven architecture with publish-subsrcibe and direct event posting
  • Thread-safe execution of state machine objects (actors) with zero-copy event passing
  • Highly maintainable and traceable mapping of UML hierarchical state machines to C or C++
  • Free, QM modeling tool for drawing UML statecharts and automatic code generation based on QP
  • Compliant with MISRA-C:2004 (QP/C and QP-nano) and MISRA-C++:2008 (QP/C++)
  • Complete toolkit for prototyping QP applications on Windows with realistic GUI-based front panels
  • Book "Practical UML Statecharts in C/C" with detailed design study of the QP framework, application notes, articles, user manuals, and blog


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Perfect HSM model.It fits embedded projects.

Posted 04/21/2015
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So excellent!

Posted 04/23/2014
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So excellent!

Posted 04/23/2014
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QP is fantastic!

Posted 01/16/2014
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Thanks for Qpc, it's perfect!

Posted 06/08/2013
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Quantum Leaps offers an on-site training "Developing Applications with QP™ Frameworks and QM™ Modeling Tool". This 2- to 3-day training uses hands-on exercises combined with instruction to illustrate the concepts underlying the QP™ active object frameworks and how they are applied in embedded application development requiring hard real-time performance. Upon completion of the two-day training, participants have a working knowledge of the QP™ frameworks, good understanding of event-driven systems, skills in designing and implementing UML state machines in C or C++, and the ability to build their own QP™ applications. Additionally, upon completion of the three-day training, participants gain proficiency in using the QM™ modeling tool to build effective models and auto-generate code.

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