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QP products

NOTE: If your company has a policy forbidding open source in your product, all QP frameworks can be licensed commercially, in which case you don't use any open source license and you do not violate your policy.

Project Sub-Directories

NOTE: Further README files are provided in the project sub-directories.

QP Frameworks

  • QP-C - QP/C framework code, ports, and examples
  • QP-Cpp - QP/C++ framework code, ports, and examples
  • QP-nano - QP-nano framework code, ports, and examples
  • QP-nano_Arduino - QP-nano framework adaptation for Arduino

QM Modeling Tool

  • QM - Freeware QM graphical modeling tool

QTools Collection

  • QTools collection for Windows and Linux containing:
    • qspy - host application for QSPY software tracing system
    • qutest - Tcl extension to QSPY for Unit Testing
    • qspyview - Tcl/Tk extension to QSPY for visualization and control
    • qwin - QWin GUI toolkit for prototyping on Windows
    • qclean - for cleanup of source code files
    • qfsgen - for generating ROM-based file systems
    • mscgen - for generating Message Sequence Charts (MSC)
    • GNU-make for Windows
    • MinGW C/C++ toolset for Windows
    • ResEdit for Windows
    • TCL/TK for Windows
    • AVRDUDE for Windows


  • doc - Documentation (books, manuals, application notes)
  • legacy-QDKs - Legacy QP Development Kits (QDKs)


The installation instructions are provided in the README files inside the project sub-directories.

Getting Started

Getting Started Guides:

NOTE: The easiest way to use QP is to start with one of the example projects (located in the examples directory). That way you will have the correct include paths, library paths, and compiler options configured. Once an example application is building and executing you can start to modify it gradually making sure that the project keeps working every step of the way.

Version Compatibility and Revision History

The revision history of each component is provided at the end of the README files inside the project sub-directories.

Help and Support

The project is supported via the Free Support Forum at: -

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Please use the Tickets menu. - Bug reports: - Feature requests:

More Information

Contact Information:

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