OpenAS2 is a java-based implementation of the EDIINT AS2 standard. It is intended to be used as a server. It is extremely configurable and supports a wide variety of signing and encryption algorithms.

Planned enhancements in the next major release:
- User interace configuration GUI
- Certificate Exchange Management
- OSGi deployer

IMPORTANT: Read the release notes for running OpenAS2 with Java 1.6
Java 1.5 is no longer supported.


  • Conforms with AS2 1.1 specification
  • Can run as a server daemon
  • Support for remote control
  • Configurable Signature and encrytion
  • Supports compression
  • Configurable Synchronous and Asynchronous MDN
  • Supports HTTPS transport protocol
  • Supports filename preservation
  • Supports FDA Automatic Submissions Gateway using custom headers
  • Supports easy extending and adding of new modules via XML configuration
  • Health check to run self tests of configured modules
  • Support for load balancer configuration health checks
  • Code base deployed to Maven Central

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BSD License

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User Reviews

  • A great project. Good job guys.

  • I was actually looking for a library that Just Did AS2 - i.e. pass it a message, url, src and dst as2ids and certs. I would call the library from my own webservice/cgi, thank you very much. Most of the commercial and even open source offerings (e.g. pyAS2) are huge affairs with a web ui and database integrated (e.g. pyAS2 uses django and cherrypy). Business systems already have a partner database, thank you very much. We don't want to manually retype them into a a foreign database. I was about to extract and repackage the libas2 module from pyAS2 (which sadly, still made django database calls to get the certs, etc) when I stumbled on openas2. It still has a small log database implementation embedded, but the cert and partner databases are XML files - which I can live with (can refresh from internal database). It is small, and runs as a service, which you can connect to the rest of your system with inotify (or polling) and/or your favorite message Q system. Getting it running with Amazon EDI Self Service Setup took only minutes. Well, except for the day it took me to realize that Java keytool writes jks format keystores by default, and openas2 requires pkcs12 format. (Could it work with both, like keytool does?) The installation manual was pretty thorough, but the only other support seems to be a mailing list.

  • Hi - is this server also able to handle AS4 communication? Can the incomming messages be stored on ftp?

  • Easy to use, easy to configure. The dev team gives quick updates. The community is here to give the init scripts (for Linux). Great job !

  • The latest updates to AS2 have significantly improved the project with new features such as Dynamic Header Insertion and ZIP compression. The project currently includes an extensive, 31 page user guide covering the project documentation and installation instructions which is a vast improvement over the old documentation (which didn’t exist at all). Support for the latest BouncyCastle libraries is present, as well as Java 8 and its new anonymous Cyphers which add further functionality to the project. Overall, AS2 is now looking far more polished than it did several years ago and the project owners seem fairly quick to respond to user issues and fix them if possible. The code is still well written and structured while the project remains easily configurable.

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