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  • Very useful project

  • In my opinion a very trending project, and excellent coder (sergio) behind it. Cheers, Philipp

  • Ougghhh. Very useful app. thanks mcumediaserver!

  • Very like this project

  • Very useful and effective. Exists on all platforms!

  • Really nice project! Thanks for your job!

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  • Works nicely! Gracias!

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  • great program mcumediaserver, thanks.

  • Thanks

  • Super tool! We were pleased with support for 720p, although some already require 1080p quality for the online conference

  • This is a great product and Sergio is very helpful!!

  • a very powerful tool for managing video conferencing

  • Still missing a few basic features such as voice activated video switching, and the web interface is a bit rough around the edges, but this project is currently the most promising open source software based MCU available. The codec support and performance is excellent. There are still compatibility issues in the SIP call signalling side of things, however the developer for this project is responsive and able to resolve issues quickly if you need to report a problem with the appropriate technical info.

  • Still needs some development, but the first results are great!!

  • great start to a much-needed application!

  • Here are the basic linux parameters of the image: Console Login: mcuweb/mcuWeb SSH login : root/mcuWeb ip: dhcp First thing to do is run the mcu in a ssh console. The binary is located in /usr/local/src/mcu/bin/debug. Start sailfin application server by "/etc/init.d/mcuWeb start" and it will run on port 80. So you just need to run the mcu command without parameters "./mcu" and it will listen on the port 8080 for commands. Also start asterisk. To access the mcuWeb just browse http://<ip>/mcuWeb Then create a conference with a DID of 300, set the rest of parameters as you wish (I would recommend for starting 2x2,qcif and medium). The next step is registering the softphones into asterisk. It has enabled 200 to 207 extensions (without password). Enable h263p and a/ulaw on them to work. To join the conference just call 300 (the DID you have configured in the conference). The web page does not refresh automatically yet, so get to the admin page of the conference again click in the home icon to go to the main page and click again on the conference details (If you reload it will try to create again the conference and will fail).

  • Multi Video Conference with continuous presence :)