PLEASE NOTE: We have discontinued distribution of this plugin on this site. Please visit the link below for more recent versions of this plugin and description.


  • Aggregate and minify css and javascript files
  • Combine background images in a sprite
  • Minify html
  • Gzip combined css or javascript file
  • Exclude troublesome css or js file from aggregation
  • Exclude troublesome components from plugin
  • JQuery NoConflict feature
  • Flat link url for aggregated file using htaccess
  • Can defer javascript file or place at bottom of page

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User Reviews

  • I used to like the Plugin a lot until i bought the Pro Features (life time license)... They are not working on my site and after 2 tickets and 7 days of waiting without any answers I have definitely enough of this very poor service. I want my money back

  • Just the best Extension with great support! I've installed JCH Optimize on various Joomla and WordPress sites and it just works. For my site, I use the Pro version of it gives you more features and my score went from 66 on PageSpeed, and 62 on YSlow, to 100 on PageSpeed and 91 on YSlow and a Page Load Time of 1.7s with 13 request (from 120). The reason I didn't receive 100% on YSlow is because I'm not using CDN, have an external analytics.js with expire headers problem, not using cookie-free domain. Please note that every site is different, thus you have to play with settings and test, make changes if required, and you will get there. I promise!

  • JCH optimize is a wonderful extension. I used it on one of my sites and the results were amazing. I would recommend this extension for all joomla users. The plugin is very easy to install and operate. Moreover, the results are really quickly observed.

  • Just installed JCH optimize on a new Joomla 2.5.11 website, with default parameters. Now the score on Pagespeed Insight is reduced from 63/100 to 60. It's not exactly what I was looking for.

  • Jch-optimize is perfect! Thanks.

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