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EmbeddedXEN 2.0 *************** This folder contains the following files: embeddedxen-2.0-base.tar.gz: Base of files for EmbeddedXEN 2.0 framework including hypervisor and config files. Patches for various guest dom0/domU are also provided. The file contains a toolchain and the QEMU (patched) emulator. Please read the README file in tools/qemu-1.0-reds directory to build QEMU. You will also need to install some additional libs to get QEMU running. A README file is available in the root dir. embeddedxen-2.0-single-dom0.tar.gz: Contains a single dom0 based on a para-virtualized Linux-2.6.26. This file also contains a rootfs embeddedxen-2.0-domU.tar.gz: Contains the para-virtualized SqueezeOS with its rootfs embeddedxen-2.0-others-dom0.tar.gz: Contains para-virtualized Linux-2.6.29 for Goldfish and Linux-2.6.32 for HTC Desire HD as well as various tools to manage deployment on HTC
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