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EmbeddedXEN at XenSummit12

Don't forget to visit XenSummit 2012 (http://xen.org/xensummit/xs12na_talks/T10b.html) at San Diego !
It is a great opportunity to discuss details and exchange ideas about the future of EmbeddedXEN.

Posted by Daniel Rossier 2012-07-21

EmbeddedXEN 2.1 released

EmbeddedXEN 2.1 has been released.

Along various bug fixes, this release brings about networking support for the following domains:

  • linux-2.6.26-dom0
  • linux-2.6.26-domU
  • linux-2.6.32-dom0

Furthermore, various grant tables have been revisited in order to support shared foreign pages between dom0 and domU more efficiently (required for networking and block dev).

Posted by Daniel Rossier 2012-04-05

EmbeddedXEN 2.0 available


We are proud to announce the release 2.0 of EmbeddedXEN.
This is the first official release of EmbeddedXEN based upon a new revisited architecture (hence release 2).
EmbeddedXEN supports two guest OSes (dom0 and domU). Further technical details about EmbeddedXEN will come up soon through various publications including a dedicated Wiki.
EmbeddedXEN is continuously evolving; we have still some issues regarding the networking, but a fully functional version will be released in the upcoming weeks.
As a first release including a domU, we packaged the SqueezeOS (with its application) running on a Linux 2.6.26 in order to show the possibility of EmbeddedXEN. SqueezeOS is running on Logitech SBTouch device, and no modifications in the rootfs have been done. You can run SqueezePlay in emulation or even on HTC !
Currently supported are:
- Linux-2.6.26-dom0 on QEMU/versatilev6 (ARM-11)
- Linux-2.6.29-dom0 on QEMU/goldfish (Cortex-A8/ARMv7)
- Linux-2.6.32-dom0 on HTC Desire HD(Snapdragon/ARMv7)
- Linux-2.6.26-domU which is our para-virtualized version of SqueezeOS
Hardware virtualization of the following devices is supported:
UART, console, framebuffer, keyboard, touchscreen, block device, audio, and networking (in a couple of days/weeks).
Do not hesitate to download all files and have a look at the different flavours.
As usual, a very good thing would be to use clone the git repository in order to stay in touch with the very last changes. And why not, to help us in contributions on EmbeddedXEN!... read more

Posted by Daniel Rossier 2012-03-01

ANNOUNCEMENT: Next release of EmbeddedXEN

The next release EmbeddedXEN is scheduled by end of February 2012. This release brings a lot of improvements and fixes with the support of the following devices:

  • versatilev6 (QEMU)
  • goldfish (emulator)
  • HTC Desire HD

This release will be supplied with a guest domU which contains a SqueezeOS image which run on a SqueezeBox Touch from Logitech (further details on http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SqueezeOS)... read more

Posted by Daniel Rossier 2012-02-10

New Alpha Release of EmbeddedXEN

After some delays due to unexpected problems, we are finally coming up with a new (working) release of EmbeddedXEN, which
includes both dom0 and domU-RT.

A lot of new features and changes have been made in this release (please see git history for all details):

Version 2.0 (End of PENAR project)

  • dom0 and domU now fully integrated in the single binary image.
  • Script build-embeddedxen for facilitating the build of the kernel.
  • Simple application embedded in the nucleus/ directory
  • Support for QEMU/Mainstone and Colibri/PXA270 machines.... read more
Posted by Daniel Rossier 2010-01-13

New EmbeddedXEN experimental release

This release encompasses three major components: Linux 2.6.18, the hypervisor and miniOS. The multikernel image can be booted on a PXA270 Mainstone QEMU and will be soon available for Colibri/PXA270 platform. Please keep in touch via the mailing list.

Posted by Daniel Rossier 2009-06-19

Embedded Xen: Release xen-pxa270 (v1.0)

A port of the xen hypervisor on the ARM platform would permit to study the application of virtualisation in the embedded world. See xen-arm mailing-list at lists.xensource.com. Mailing-list archives at http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-arm/

This release contains the Linux 2.6.18 tree (dom0/domU), hypervisor, miniOS.
Only the hypervisor is booting with miniOS at the very early stage of bootstrapping process.
Much work remains to be done, but we are working hard on it ;-)

Posted by Daniel Rossier 2009-04-28

Original start release

Initial release of xen-colibri (xen-colibri-penar) which compiles successfully (data structure & functions conflicts solved).
No XEN hypervisor functions enabled at the moment.

Posted by Daniel Rossier 2008-09-26

PENAR - Port of XEN on ARM

We are about to start a new 1-year project focusing on the port of XEN on a ARM-based i.MX21 microcontroler. The project is funded by the ISYS (Integration & System - http://isys.hes-so.ch) research network from the University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. This project will also concentrate on the integration of a hard real-time Linux extension (namely Xenomai) in a DomU XEN domain.

Posted by Daniel Rossier 2008-07-06

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