[ Please read https://sourceforge.net/p/darkbot/news/2014/01/darkbots-revitalization/ ]

Darkbot is a portable IRC chat robot written in the C language that can be taught responses to user inquiries, and even have conversations with them. Darkbot was originally created by Jason Hamilton as an aid for help channels on Intenet Relay Chat.


  • Cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)
  • Small size program and easy to configure.
  • Multi-lingual - English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Latin, Arabic, Greek, Ebonics, Pig Latin, Russian- KOI8 encoding, Russian - CP1251 encoding, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese, Swedish, Norwegian, Romanian.
  • Dozens of commands and aliases, controlling functions of Darkbot Administration, Database Management, Channel Operation, User Access, Utilities, Status and Information.
  • Robot administration with commands to change online Darkbot's nickname, user id, virtual host, default channel and it's command character prefix; change servers, restart session or deactivate it; a sleep mode to temporarily stop reacting to channel text; it also has a command to send raw messages or notices to the server, channels or users.
  • Database controlled online or/and offline with commands making it possible to give strait or random answers to key-words or phrases, in human style, picking words from users and displaying them in the replies with a tokenized mechanism, output of replies with more than one line of text, or commands at a time; management of it's database with functions to add, delete, replace, display and backup topics/replies; use of wildcards on it's topics; several pre-defined but flexible variables that can be inserted on replies; a fast internal search engine permitting look for words in the database.
  • Several channel operation commands, i.e. op, deop, simulate op, voice, devoice, kick, ban and temp ban; set topic and auto-topic; join, leaves and cycles channels; channel information with total number of users and seen joins.
  • Commands to display the status and information of the memory, ram, code, database uptime and others. Wildcards within multi-word topics to define NLP processing.
  • Handy utilities, like an alarm clock, a calculator, a way of checking the length of words or phrases, display date and time, ping, and unix time calculation.
  • Raw IRC commands on connect giving the possibility to automatically perform tasks like any IRC client program; CTCP ping and version replies.
  • Many more options and functions changeable on the configuration scripts.

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Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

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