Synchronizes multiple folders with each other, keeping them up-to-date. One folder of each pair is kept encrypted.

Very useful when using cloud storage tools like SkyDrive, GDrive or Dropbox.

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User Reviews

  • useful tools but with some serious bugs。 1. I use it for sync the svn file, but the folder named transactions and the folder named txn-protorevs isn't sync to encrypt at all(Are they empty file caurse this?)! 2.When finish sync(from unencrypted to encrypeted only),I delete the encrypted folder,and run the cryptsync tool again, but it does not work, the encrpted folder has not revovered!

  • Great product and does what I was looking for. I use dropbox and want a local layer of encryption before uploading. Some online monetized services aim to fill the same need but I'm happier to use this as it's easy to see what's going on and there is no mysterious background interaction with an online service in the process

  • Love it. I only wish it supported file splitting, since 7z supports it and some cloud providers limit the file size.

  • Brilliant! I had the same idea a few month before. Creating a Sync-Toy and using 7zip for the encryption. Now I found this...good that I was too lazy yet ;)

  • It solved my big problem to sync massive files to SharePoint 2013 document library. Microsoft's OneDrive for Business is a shit and Cryptosync worked perfectly by designating the document library path (like \\server\doclib )as the target folder(encrypted,or not if you exclude the files with *.* filter).To work with Sharepoint,you'd better keep the FAT workaround option on. A major bug is that CryptSync doesn't remove empty folders,and it leaves empty folders on both ends of the pairs, and if any intermediate folder in a path is empty, the entire path is not syncronized. My solution to this is a small program to fill every empty folder in a deep path with a zero-size file so that these path could be synced and this seems to have enabled a controllable syncing flag,and it's funny too. otherwise, I see only some minor bugs that don't bother at all,and i'd expect the UI provide more options to work with synchronization, such as to disable/enable certain pair temporarily,and a checkbox to disable encryption with a click is better,and the log text may be improved to provide more details...

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