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  • Posted a comment on ticket #471 on commitmonitor

    much much easier: 1. exit CommitMonitor 2. delete the files %appdata&\CommitMonitor\urls and %appdata%\CommitMonitor\urls_backup 3. start CommitMonitor again

  • Committed [r2058]

    Apply the editor config settings at the end of loading, and then refresh the tab to indicate possible required changes.

  • Committed [r2057]

    handle utf-16 encodings with BOM.

  • Committed [r2056]

    The visual studio compiler requires a BOM to understand the encoding.

  • Committed [r28059]

    Force the resource file to be utf-16le-bom - without the BOM, VisualStudio does not work properly.

  • Committed [r28058]

    Change the resource files to UTF-16LE-BOM format.

  • Committed [r28048]

    forgot to commit this in r28047

  • Committed [r28047]

    Only mark lines as filtered if there's a filter active and if whitespace-changes are ignored.

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2002-02-22 15:05:10
Altstätten / Switzerland / CET


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