#1205 Ability to specify equivalent strings


I'm maintaining a plugin script (in PHP) for 2 different versions of ExpressionEngine, a popular commercial CMS. In one version, PHP cache functionality is accessed by "$SESS->cache", which in the other, by "$this->EE->session->cache". Obviously, WinMerge sees these as differences. I'd love to be able to indicate that these string pairs are to be considered equivalent to each other for purposes of comparison.

I imagine this would be useful in many situations, such as About Us pages containing email addresses of organizations that have local branches in different countries (eg. 'info@example.com' would be equivalent to 'info@example.co.uk'), or perhaps even different spellings of words for different target audiences (eg. 'color' vs 'colour').


  • Sandwich

    Sandwich - 2012-03-12

    Correction in sentence 2: "...accessed by "$SESS->cache", **while** in the other..."

  • Jochen Tucht

    Jochen Tucht - 2012-04-06

    WinMerge 0.2011.002.145 experimental release introduces enhanced line filtering. Please try with a line filter as follows:


  • Sandwich

    Sandwich - 2012-04-07

    Where would I find this version? I can't see anything in SF that's been updated later than 2010-11...

  • Sandwich

    Sandwich - 2012-04-07

    Ah, got it. Yes, that indeed solves the issue. Now I need to learn regexp's to figure out why that one is doing what it's doing. Thanks! ;)


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