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VBA 1.7.2: optimized binaries for Windows

Many people noticed that the VBA 1.7.2 build for Windows was really slower than the 1.7.1. The binaries for Windows have been rebuilt in order to fix this.

To get the optimized binaries download again files on Sourceforge.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Sébastien Guignot 2004-05-26

VisualBoyAdvance version 1.7.2 released

Version 1.7.2:
Core changes:
- fixed bugs on ELF clean up
- improved CodeBreaker 0xDxxxxxxx code support
- updated Scale2x filter to version 2.0
- improved memory timing
- added support for z2 (delete break on write) so that gdb can use break on write

- added search for base language dll
- fixed GDI problems with selected bitmap being deleted
- added JPEG and PNG support for skins
- changed import/export battery file to default to battery directory
- fixed the translation bug with viewers
- fixed the GB map view flickering
- fixed skin bugs... read more

Posted by Sébastien Guignot 2004-05-22

VisualBoyAdvance version 1.7.1 released

Version 1.7.1:
Core changes:
- added SWI call (0xf9 in thumb mode) to exit emulator in SDL version
- avoid crash when loading an invalid ELF file
- avoid turning sound on if soundOffFlag is true
- disabled remove intros option
- fixed memory leak in ELF support code
- fixed memory corruption if loading a bigger file than the memory to hold it
- fixed some compile warnings in the profiling code
- merged some big endian fixes into the code
- update battery files more often (a bit after the save memory is last updated)... read more

Posted by Forgotten 2004-02-08

VisualBoyAdvance version 1.7 released

Version 1.7:
Core changes:
- added fixes to video filters done by Flea for Mac OS X
- added/fixed ArcTan/ArcTan2 emulation
- added sound volume .25 and.50
- added hq2x/lq2x filters
- aded global cheat disable
- some code clean up
- fixed some CBA cheat support
- fixed ARM/Thumb instruction timing, including memory access
- fixed minor bugs in STMDx ARM instructions
- fixed ARM LDRx instructions when base equals dest... read more

Posted by Forgotten 2003-12-11

Version 1.6a released

Core changes:
- fixed bug introduced in previous fix to CpuFastSet/CpuSet
- fixed slowdown caused by attempt to speed up emulation

- fixed bug when selecting the same render type
- disabled enhanced save type detection

Posted by Forgotten 2003-08-23

VisualBoyAdvance 1.5.1 released

Version 1.5.1:

Core changes:
- minor rendering optimization
- added support for AR codes (thanks Parasytic and PokemonHacker)
- no longer allow L+R or U+D to be reported as pressed
- fixed RTC problem on last day of the month
- fixed bug with some cheat codes that caused an invalid ROM patch
- fixed sound mixing problem with DS ratio (thanks PokemonHacker)

- added skin button support
- added AVI sound support (thanks to phaeron)
- all accelerators can now be customized or removed
- fixed full screen problem in OpenGL mode
- fixed some problems with stretch to fit
- main skin region is now optional for pure rectangular skins... read more

Posted by Forgotten 2003-06-08

VisualBoyAdvance 1.5a released

This is a Windows only change. The SDL, BeOS and MacOS versions are not affected.

Version 1.5a fixes:

- fixed skin problems on Win 95/98/Me/2000
- fixed right-click problem on Win 95/98/Me/2000
- fixed problem when Gameboy Printer was enabled
- fixed problem on Flash size menu not showing correct setting

You can download the files from read more

Posted by Forgotten 2003-04-20

VisualBoyAdvance 1.5 released

Version 1.5 is now available for download. Here's what's new:

Core changes:
- added AGBPrint support (for developers only)
- added RTC support
- added scanlines filter
- added support for gzip files
- added support for compressed bios files (zip, gzip)
- fixes Flash 1M support
- fixed crash reloading same ELF file

- added SGB2 support

- added Gameboy tools (Disassembly, Memory Viewer, Tile Viewer, OAM Viewer, Map Viewer and Palette Viewer)
- added fullscreen mode confirmation for DirectDraw to avoid problems
- added GDI, Direct3D and OpenGL rendering options
- added skin support (see readme for information on creating skins)
- added support for per game configuration of some settings (see readme for details)
- changed INI support to use emulator directory instead of Windows directory
- fixed command line parsing problem... read more

Posted by Forgotten 2003-04-13

VisualBoyAdvance 1.4 released

Version 1.4:

Core changes:
- added bilinear and bilinear plus filters
- added interframe blending support
- added support to show speed in fullscreen mode (transparent or opaque)
- added detailed speed display
- added autoframeskip support
- added support for ELF DW_FORM_strp (used by newer GCC versions)
- added support to enable/disable GB/GBC video layers
- fixed crash when loading a second ELF file
- fixed missing EMMS instruction in ADVANCEMAME Scale 2x MMX version
- fixed some timer settings problems (bad copy paste of code)... read more

Posted by Forgotten 2003-02-08

VisualBoyAdvance 1.3.1 released

Version 1.3.1:

Core changes:
- fixed reversed Flash identification for 64k Flash

Posted by Forgotten 2002-12-11

VisualBoyAdvance 1.3 released

Core changes:
- added support for Flash 128K (thanks DesktopMan)
- added checks for out of memory condition
- added sound volume option
- fixed message when failed to write battery file (previously always saying
failure to open file NULL)
- fixed sound mixing ratios specified in 0x4000082 (thanks Damian)
- simulating memory behaviour when no cartridge present (32-bits still
Windows version:
- automatically apply IPS patch if it exists (configurable)
- added save/load support in the memory viewer
- added support for filters in 32-bit mode for all filters
- added AVI writing support (no sound yet)
- can now pause emulator before loading any file
- memory viewer now displays current edit address
- removed some test code introduced at version 1.1 that slows down the emulator
- exporting GSA snapshot defaults title to internal name
- fixed missing check marks on layers menu
- fixed bug showing maker code/name from some old games
SDL version:
- added support for long options
- added support for passing configuration file name
- added profiling support (GMON format - see README)
- added support for filters in 32-bit mode for all filters
- automatically apply IPS patch if it exists
- improved search for configuration file: current directory, user directory,
executable directory (in order) are searched
- fixed configuration problem with saveType and removeIntros
- fixed big endian problems in SGB code
- fixed big endian problems with rotated sprites
- fixed big endian sound endianess

Posted by Forgotten 2002-12-10

VisualBoyAdvance 1.2 for Mac OS X

Version 1.2 for Mac OS X is now available.

Posted by Forgotten 2002-11-18

VisualBoyAdvance 1.2 released

Core changes:
- added MidiKey2Freq bios call (thanks Chris Moeller)
- added AdvanceMAME Scale2x and Simple 2x filters
- added support for higher frameskip (up to 9)
- added C core for portability
- added big endian support
- added support for movement sensor (thanks Parasyte)
- added support for selecting save type available
- fixed another value for the bios protection
- fixed sound envelope reload bug (thanks jaymzj)
- fixed timer counter (not changing the value of the counter unless the timer overflows or is restarted)
- fixed problem on big endian when setting IO memory reable positions
- fixed reset LCD after disabling forced blank
- speed up now uses frameskip 9 (6 FPS)
- improved message when BIOS function cannot be emulated
Windows changes:
- added freeze recent list option
- added 800x600 support
- support to export GamesharkAdvance save games
- fixed bug when changing directories in the Directories... dialog
SDL version:
- added emulation for motion sensor
- fixed crash when printing void * variables
- fixed crash when -b specified incorrectly
- fixed warning when reading configuration file about disableMMX if compiled without MMX support
- fixed crash when trying open file that does not exist

Posted by Forgotten 2002-11-10