VisualBoyAdvance version 1.7 released

Version 1.7:
Core changes:
- added fixes to video filters done by Flea for Mac OS X
- added/fixed ArcTan/ArcTan2 emulation
- added sound volume .25 and.50
- added hq2x/lq2x filters
- aded global cheat disable
- some code clean up
- fixed some CBA cheat support
- fixed ARM/Thumb instruction timing, including memory access
- fixed minor bugs in STMDx ARM instructions
- fixed ARM LDRx instructions when base equals dest

- added support for 8M roms
- (re)added support for 2-4 playes in SGB mode
- added sprite limit emulation (thanks Ricky of KiGB)
- cancel pending EI when imediately followed by DI
- implemented DI/HALT bug
- implemented STAT write bug during VBLANK or HBLANK when in GB mode
- implemented GDMA delay in GBC mode (thanks TM of GEST)
- fixed priority between OBJ and Window
- fixed some SGB border problems
- fixed window rendering problems in some cases
- fixed CGB initial background palette to white
- fixed initial save memory value to 0xFF instead of 0x00 (thanks TM of GEST)
- fixed LCD interrupts to only occur once per line
- fixed incorrect display when BG is off
- modified interrut delay to 6 clock ticks instead of 2
- moved scanline update to beginning of HBLANK

- added predefined Gameboy palettes (thanks Kojote)
- added GBA IO Viewer to view/modify GBA hardware registers
- added menu entry to load most recent save state
- added menu entry to save state into oldest slot
- added option to auto load the most recent save state upon loading
- added fullscreen max scale option
- chnaged the bug report option to be a little more friendly
- enhanced save state submenus to show date/time of when save was made
- enhanced logging window to capture data even if not being displayed
- fixed Direct3D/OpenGL "green" bug with Motion Blur Interframe Blending
- fixed Direct3D full screen with Gameboy roms
- fixed minor bugs when saving images in the different viewers
- fixed power management disabling: should avoid monitor turning off now
- improved cheat input to be more flexible and easy to enter
- migrated whole GUI code to MFC

Posted by Forgotten 2003-12-11

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