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VisualBoyAdvance 1.4 released

Version 1.4:

Core changes:
- added bilinear and bilinear plus filters
- added interframe blending support
- added support to show speed in fullscreen mode (transparent or opaque)
- added detailed speed display
- added autoframeskip support
- added support for ELF DW_FORM_strp (used by newer GCC versions)
- added support to enable/disable GB/GBC video layers
- fixed crash when loading a second ELF file
- fixed missing EMMS instruction in ADVANCEMAME Scale 2x MMX version
- fixed some timer settings problems (bad copy paste of code)

Windows version:
- allows AMD CPUs to take advantage of MMX code
- added support to select video mode for fullscreen mode
- added fullscreen triple buffering support
- added support for multiple joypad configuration
- added support to store settings to INI
- added export settings from Registry to INI
- added throttle support (between 5% and 1000%)
- fixed problem displaying error messages in fullscreen mode
- fixed tile viewer to display all tiles in 256 mode
- fixed Visual Studio project files so that they work on other computers
- fixed problem with disable SFX not being read when program starts
- fixed (minimized) screen corruption problem when filter is active in
fullscreen mode and emulator is minimized

Posted by Forgotten 2003-02-08

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