VisualBoyAdvance 1.5.1 released

Version 1.5.1:

Core changes:
- minor rendering optimization
- added support for AR codes (thanks Parasytic and PokemonHacker)
- no longer allow L+R or U+D to be reported as pressed
- fixed RTC problem on last day of the month
- fixed bug with some cheat codes that caused an invalid ROM patch
- fixed sound mixing problem with DS ratio (thanks PokemonHacker)

- added skin button support
- added AVI sound support (thanks to phaeron)
- all accelerators can now be customized or removed
- fixed full screen problem in OpenGL mode
- fixed some problems with stretch to fit
- main skin region is now optional for pure rectangular skins

SDL version:
- changed default separator on config file to a equal sign
- changed pause when inactive default to false to fix problems debugging

- added PowerPC assembly code (thanks Jeffrey Lim)

Posted by Forgotten 2003-06-08

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