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U++ 2017.1 released

U++ 2017.1 (rev 10804) (Jan 2017)

This is the first release of U++ that requires C++11 compatible compiler. The main focus was Core, adding many enhancements allowed by C++11 and improving parallel programming support. We, also didn't forget about Android as we ported Core library on that platform.



  • Original U++ Callbacks are deprecated and replaced with Function with better lambda support.
    Begin/End methods are now renamed / deprecated in favor of (standard) begin/end.... read more
Posted by Mirek Fidler 2017-01-31

U++ 2015.2 (rev 9251) released

The main focus of this release was C++ parser and Assist++ features and Android applications builder in TheIDE (library does not yet support Android though).


Improved C++11 support.
Leap second of 2015 added to time routines.

GUI programming & graphics

Improved support of UHD displays.
PdfDraw now supports urls (e.g. when converting QTF/RichText to PDF).
RichText/QTF now support round borders for table cells.
ScatterCtrl: new features.... read more

Posted by Mirek Fidler 2015-12-01

U++ 2015.1 (rev 8227) released

U++ is BSD licensed C++ cross-platform rapid application development framework focused on programmers productivity without sacrificing runtime performance.


New features for release 2015.1 (rev 8227)


  • U++ abandoned "default pick" semantics for containers. The transfer semantics now has to be specified explicitly, either as 'pick' or 'clone' (this is enforced in C++11 mode, in legacy mode old behaviour is maintained and pick/clone are optional).... read more
Posted by Mirek Fidler 2015-03-04

U++ 5485 released

This is hotfix release, fixing several minor issues of 5431.

Posted by Mirek Fidler 2012-10-28

U++ 5431 released

What is new in version 5431:

The focus of this release was server programming. The main new feature is "Skylark", lean and mean U++ based web development framework.

- String class has been further optimized for improved Cat performance.
- Id class was refactored to better support multithreded programming.
- STATIC_ASSERT introduced for compile-time checks.
- TCP/IP and HTTP was refactored and integrated into Core, providing new TcpSocket, IpAddrInfo, HttpHeader and HttpRequest classed (effectively obsoleting Web package).
- Value was refactored and optimized, now using small value optimization technique.
- Value got Xmlize (conversion to/from XML) and Jsonize (conversion to/from JSON) support.
- Date now has operator++/--.
- Exit is now equivalent of C exit function, implemented using exception trow to *_APP_MAIN and C++ friendly.
- Thread now has AtExit support.
- .ini parameters now can be optionally encapsulated using INI_* helpers.
- Sort algorithm was refactored, works about 10% faster.
- LOGHEX and DUMPHEX logging macros provided for logging Strings in hexadecimal form.
- LoadFromJsonFile and StoreToJsonFile jsonize object from/to files.... read more

Posted by Koldo 2012-10-22

U++ 4193 released

What is new in version 4193:

- "Rainbow" technology decouples U++ GUI from host platform. It is now possible to develop new GUI implementation without changing core U++ files. "Framebuffer" package uses Rainbow to implement GUI for trivial RGBA framebuffer (with keyboard and mouse inputs).
- New command line utility "umk" - GUI independent, U++ package builder: umk.
- Docking package was adopted to main source tree.... read more

Posted by Koldo 2011-11-28

U++ 3211 released

What is new in version 3211:

- SSE2 as Option in main config, templates now include SSE2 as default
(RM #9).
- new function - convert selection to ASCII.
- Main package configuration editor shows structured flags accepted by
- Replaced QuickTabs with TabBar, reorganized Environment dialog.
- Allow conditional breakpoints.
- Support for CLOB columns in .sch file (#14).

Library... read more

Posted by Koldo 2011-02-18

U++ 2791 released

What is new in version 2791:

- There are now new templates Tuple2 - Tuple4.
- Stream class got new methods Peek and PutPtr intended for optional
- In Vector and Array template classes, interface was changed so that all
Add methods are now returning the reference to the element inserted.
- String and WString has new Replace method.

- plugin/gif now has support for animated gifs, Raster and Raster encoder
have new GetDPI and SetDPI methods. DPI information handling for png, tif
and jpg was fixed.
- AttrText utility class has new NormalInk method and supports conversion
from Value.... read more

Posted by Koldo 2010-10-18

U++ 2467 released

What is new in version 2467:

* [W]String got new variant of ReverseFind method.

* There is a new static method Ctrl::GetEventId to help identify individual
GUI events, intended for use in caching schemes.

* Update system was parametrised.
* Handling of active file type in FileSel was improved.
* Splitter now has WhenSplitFinish.

* Got support for fill patterns. ... read more

Posted by Koldo 2010-06-09

U++ 2361 released

What is new in version 2361:

* Packages now sorted by directory closeness to main package directory,
names later - puts main package nest or main package subpackages first
in the list

* Added Detach, PopDetach

* Added ArrayCtrl WhenScroll
* ColumnList: AutoHideSb
* FileSel: list is autohide
* EditField ReadOnly Ctrl+C fix
* DocEdit: NoEofLine
* RichEdit now supports dropping Image files ... read more

Posted by Koldo 2010-05-04

U++ 2232 released

What is new in version 2232:

* Sorting of package has been improved, placing project packages first
* Insert menu now has typedef ... CLASSNAME entry.
* FileSel was improved by adding Places with common directories.

* XmlRpc has improved error handling.
* Xmlize now supports all Core Value types and has got support for Value
* XmlParser has got new Peek methods. Socket has new GetPeerAddr method.
* CParser now provides the information about current column.... read more

Posted by Koldo 2010-03-16

U++ 2070 released

* User interface for Find and Replace was significantly reworked
* Current editor line is now highlighted in the left bar.

* Support for Win32 .lnk files (GetSymLinkPath function,
FindFile::IsSymLink method) - same interface as for Posix symlinks.
* ConvertDate has new Truncate option (truncates Time to Date),
corresponding StdConvertDateTruncate global Convert added.

* SliderCtrl widget, has new Jump method.
* ArrayCtrl class has new WhenMouseMove Callback.
* EditField has new WhenEnter callback.
* TabCtrl has new NoAccept option... read more

Posted by Koldo 2010-02-15

U++ 1952 released

What is new in version 1952:

* Improved installation in Win32 with support for the latest Win32 SDK.
* Helpsystem has vastly improved searching capabilities.
* Build process now supports new link options - Posix releases now use
"gc-sections" linker option to dramatically reduce the size of resulting
binaries (up to 40%).

* File selector (FileSel class) got networking support in Win32.
* TrayIcon in X11 now supports notifications.
* TopWindow in X11 now supports SetAlphs. ... read more

Posted by Koldo 2010-01-26

U++ 1824 released

What is new in version 1824:

* XmlRpc package adds support for XML-RPC based webservices.
* LanguageInfo in Core is was completely refactored.

* Autosetup now recognizes Win32 SDK 7.0.

* GoogleTranslator: New version.
* Functions4U: New package with additional functions to complement Core and CtrlLib.
* Controls4U: New package with additional graphic controls.
* SysInfo: Improved Unicode support.

Posted by Koldo 2009-12-21

U++ 1713 released

What is new in version 1713:

* .t files are now saved with strings converted by escaping >127 characters
(and back on loading). This fixes venerable problem of UTF-8 string literals
in CJK Windows and MSC compiler.

* TreeCtrl InsertDrop now returns ids of inserted nodes.
* A new set of utility functions that simplify selecting files introduced
(see http://www.ultimatepp.org/src$CtrlLib$FileSelUtil$en-us.html)
* HeaderCtrl columns now can have a tooltip
* SliderCtrl now allows reversed orientation (thanks avpavp!)... read more

Posted by Koldo 2009-11-25

U++ 1659 released

What is new in version 1659:

* Core: GetUtcTime
* Core: New Split variant with String delimiter
* PostgreSQL: GetInsertedId now supported for tables with primary key 'id'
* Core, CtrlLib: ConvertDate, ConvertTime now have Default method -> propagates to date/time widgets as well...
* Core: ConvertTime Min, Max
* CtrlLib: MenuBar WhenOpenSubMenu, WhenCloseSubMenu callbacks
* Sql, SqlExp: Sql::InsertNoKey(Fields) ommits first column - intended for key with autoincrement... read more

Posted by Koldo 2009-10-26

U++ 1607 released

What is new in version 1607:

* Draw: DisplayWithIcon (Display that adds an icon to any other Display)
* Draw: AttrText now has 'SetImage' (places the icon to the left of text)
* CtrlLib: DropTree widget
* Web: void AttachSocket(Socket& socket, SOCKET s, bool blocking)
* MSSQL: IdentityInsert helper (bypass of IDENTITY column insertion)
* CtrlCore: RegisterSystemHotKey (system-wide hotkey)

Posted by Koldo 2009-10-05

U++ 1579 released

What is new in version 1579:

* Core: Added support for many various 8-bit encodings
* Geom: Added new Computational Geometry algorithm: 2D convex hull
calculation (ConvexHullOrder)
* Sql: SqlExp, SqlSelect AsTable, Joins accept SqlSet
* RichText: Optimized by caching paragraph data and layout
* Draw, plugin/tif: Added GetActivePage support
* Fixed a lot of minor bugs

Posted by Koldo 2009-09-22

U++ 1517 released

U++ is BSD licensed C++ cross-platform rapid application development
suite focused on programmers productivity without sacrificing
runtime performance.

What is new in version 1517:

* Major overhaul graphics infrastructure is finished, U++ is
now capable of headless drawing operations (e.g. drawing graphics
and text into .png files in console applications, without X11)
(example: http://www.ultimatepp.org/reference$ConsoleDraw.html)... read more

Posted by Koldo 2009-08-18

U++ 1314 released

U++ is BSD licensed C++ cross-platform rapid application development
suite focused on programmers productivity without sacrificing
runtime performance.

What is new in version 1314:

Fixed several X11/Compiz/SCIM compatibility issues

QTF: Added text-type rich object format

Added WhenMoveRow, CancelMove
Improved search results highlighting

Import directory source tree into package
Support for multiline svn commit messages
Assist++ now supports SQL schema files
FileTabs now persistent
Non-fixed pitch fonts allowed in editor (used as fixed...)

Posted by Koldo 2009-06-17

U++ 1254 released

U++ is BSD licensed C++ cross-platform rapid application development
suite focused on programmers productivity without sacrificing
runtime performance.

What is new in version 1254:


- Various improvements in SQL related stuff (SqlPerformScript,
SqlBinary enable for PGSQL)


- Highlighting of .sch and .sql files
- Find in files now has separate output console
- Select package dialog 'All' option replaced by the selection of more
understandable options, main packages now displayed bold

Posted by Koldo 2009-06-01

U++ 1205 released

U++ is BSD licensed C++ cross-platform rapid application development
suite focused on programmers productivity without sacrificing
runtime performance.

Version 1205 includes:


- New GUI multithreading architecture


- Layout designer: option to resize dialog without springs
- No more confusing switches of .lay, .iml to text mode (instead designer)
- One more redesign of code navigator
- Ctrl+Click onto symbol jumps to its definition
- Package selector now shows the nest

Posted by Koldo 2009-05-18

U++ 1124 released

- Refactored CodeNavigator, search symbol (Ctrl+Q) now copies current id search field
- Change in SetDateFilter format, cleanup in related docs
- Improved translation docs
- Added runtime check for serializing RichValue with missing Register
- Docking: CreateDockable<T> now returns type T
- mrjt's MultiList now merged into ColumnList
- TabBar: Tab Stacking and sorting added. Other changes.
- Drawing refactored

Posted by Koldo 2009-05-04

U++ 1096 released

U++ is BSD licensed C++ cross-platform rapid application development suite focused on
programmers productivity without sacrificing runtime performance. Based on strictly deterministic design it provides an alternative to GC collected platforms, even for bussines logic oriented problems.

Posted by Mirek Fidler 2009-04-26

U++ 2008.1 released

U++ 2008.1, the C++ development platform, is finally out. There is almost 200 new features in the library and TheIDE, including

- New very fast String/WString implementation
- New high performance (mostly) lock-free heap allocator,
- Improved multithreading support
- CoWork multicore loop paralelization class
- Unified Drag&Drop support
- PostgreSQL support
- Win64 support (except debugger)
- QuickTabs class
- HeaderCtrl can now move (reorganize) tabs
- ArrayCtrl automated column sorting
- Chameleon Look&feel improvements under GTK and Vista
- Topic++ documentation editor now integrated into main window
- Help integrated into TheIDE main window as well

Posted by Mirek Fidler 2008-08-06

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