U++ 4193 released

What is new in version 4193:

- "Rainbow" technology decouples U++ GUI from host platform. It is now possible to develop new GUI implementation without changing core U++ files. "Framebuffer" package uses Rainbow to implement GUI for trivial RGBA framebuffer (with keyboard and mouse inputs).
- New command line utility "umk" - GUI independent, U++ package builder: umk.
- Docking package was adopted to main source tree.

- Support for UTF8-BOM encoding.
- Layout files are now syntax highlighted, Assist++ now knows correct line position info.
- Database schema files (.sch) are now syntax highlighted. Assist++ now knows to correct line position info.
- Ide now has minimal Objective C and C++/CLR support.
- New function to export documentation to html or pdf.
- Layout designer now has 'struct' option in code generator
- Image (.iml) designer now can import (insert) whole another .iml and also export .iml to png files.
- There is now Assist++ for #include.
- InsertColor function now supports QTF colors.
- Local menu on package file items now has "Open file directory" item.


- U++ now has Value compatible Complex type.
- CParser has new Unicode Escape option to understand "\u" escape codes (as in JavaScript).
- ValueArray has now Insert, Append and Remove methods.
- ValueMap has now Set(key, value) method.
- Value now has operator[] (key) and operator[] (index) methods to directly access contained ValueMap and ValueArray elements.
- double formatting (Format, Convert) now has support to easily replace decimal point with ',' character.
- Core now has JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) parsing and creation support.
- String now has GetCharCount() that is able to return correct number of characters (code-points) in String even if encoding is UTF-8.

CtrlLib and CtrlCore (GUI library)
- ArrayCtrl now has AsText, SetClipboard, AsQtf and AsCsv methods.
- EditField now supports limited text highlighting.
- New SetLayout_[layout name] template function generated from .lay (used to change compatible layout).

Draw/PdfDraw/Report (graphical output)
- Draw/PdfDraw/Report got minimalistic PDF/A support.
- AttrText now has Bold/Italic/Underline/Strikeout methods.
- New QtfReport for simplified reporting of Qtf.

Other library changes
- In SQL trace log, questionmark parameter placeholders are now replaced with actual parameters.
- plugin\Sqlite3 is upgraded to 3.7.8.
- plugin/tif is upgraded to version 1.43.
- plugin/jpg now supports EXIM image orientation metadata.
- New plugin/wincert package supports basic Win32 certificate manipulation and PDF digital signing.
- HttpClient now supports PUT method.

Posted by Koldo 2011-11-28