U++ 3211 released

What is new in version 3211:

- SSE2 as Option in main config, templates now include SSE2 as default
(RM #9).
- new function - convert selection to ASCII.
- Main package configuration editor shows structured flags accepted by
- Replaced QuickTabs with TabBar, reorganized Environment dialog.
- Allow conditional breakpoints.
- Support for CLOB columns in .sch file (#14).


- Added missing Gate4::Execute.
- Tuples now Moveable if all elements moveable.
- Added Xmlize ValueArray and ValueMap.
- Added DayOfYear, StrToTime; Draw: Rotate180.
- Thread threadid support.
- FormatIntBase added 'upper' option. Added FormatIntHexUpper function.

- Added ImageOps hotspots.
- RASTER_8ALPHA now considered non-premultiplied (fixes issue in some
.png files).

- Painter now depends on Draw.

- Support for LCT.

- EncodeRTF improved to support page size, margins and table cell borders.
- GetOpaqueRect, GetVoidRect now const.
- TopWindow FullScreen for open window in Win32.

- FileSel: Support for Terminal Services client shares (Win32).
- FileSel lazy and optimized file icon loading.
- Automatic landscape mode for RichText print.
- LabelBox visually supports Disabled state, LabelBase has got disabledink.
- Splitter can now have any width.
- ArrayCtrl with embedded Ctrls optimized to work well up to 10000 widgets.

- Added SingleLine, Filter.
- Improved process of searching for speller dictionaries.
- Added some missing czech translations.

- Added ClearChanged(), added missing row_order setting in Remove0

- operator[](SqlId) now invokes NEVER (in debug) when column is not found.
- Oracle: SQLT_TIMESTAMP support.

- SmtpMail: Refactored, added support for character encoding in headers,
added recipient/sender names,


Many packages added and improved: Scatter, DeEncrypter, CMeter, Protect,
Tree, Dispatcher, Gen, SDLCtrl, PolyXML, PlotLib,PlotCtrl, SysInfo, Media,
MediaPlayer, Functions4U, plugin/portaudio, Sound, SoundExample,
AutoScroller, CtrlFinder, CtrlProp, LogPosCtrl, PointCtrl, PopUpC, RectCtrl,
Styler, ValueCtrl, Docking , TabBar, SysExec, Protect, Updater, SysExecGui,
OfficeAutomation, Dispatcher, Styler, Cypher, ProductVersion, Uniq, SplashSV
and HelpViewer.

Posted by Koldo 2011-02-18

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