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Released Version 1.4.5

Just released version 1.4.5 that includes fixes to the TFTP client. See the changelog for more details.

Posted by mgenti 2009-02-06

Released Version 1.4.0

Fixed a security exception that would allow access to sub directories. Also fixed a few minor exceptions that could occur with a lot of simultaneous traffic.

Posted by mgenti 2008-12-05

Released Version 1.3.0

TFTPUtil Version 1.3.0

Updated to latest version of NSIS installer
Changed locking to try to only lock when needed
Added more various debug messages in the "debug" and "verbose" event levels

Fixed 1594196: Was not closing the event callback. Also now explicity setting
some objects to null on destruction
Fixed 1591790: Options dialog should now increases its size if needsed and
has close option
Fixed 1596841: The client GUI was not sending data after seeing and OACK
when putting a file on a server
Bug when closing the GUI
Case where we were calling logger directly
Duplicate log entries
Crash would occure if the client GUI tried to send a file that didn't exist
Was not correctly handling a case where the server could not find a file
Incorrectly closing when sessions are active
Incorrectly incrementing bytes received when getting duplicate blocks... read more

Posted by mgenti 2006-11-25

Finished SVN Reorg

I moved all the current working files to the trunk directory so people don't also have to check out the tag releases as well.

Also, work on rev 2.0 is starting in the trunk directory

Posted by mgenti 2006-10-16

Minor Change for 1.2.1

TFTPUtil Version 1.2.1

Upgraded version of NSIS installer

Vista has IPv6 on by default which can make the GUI choose and IPv6 address
instead of an IPv4. We now only show and will choose and IPv4 address

Known Bugs at Release:

Posted by mgenti 2006-10-16

Wiki Up! Please Add Features to wiki for Version 2.0

I put a wiki up on the home page for any tftputil related content I may want to share. Please add any feature requests you would like to be concidered for version 2.0

Posted by mgenti 2006-09-26

Released Version 1.2.0

TFTPUtil Version 1.2.0

Made changes to show assembly name in TFTPServer class to help with rebranding
Updated some XML comments
Upgraded version of NSIS installer
We now show the TFTP error message if we receive one
TFTPUtil Client example program now autosizes

Grammar on timeout message
Possible bug when updating the status of a tooltip and a timeout occurs.
We are now letting the socket choose the port instead of us coming up with a
random port
Was converting a static string with one character to char type
We were NOT expliciting telling the socket to send the data in the async
callback when we should have been
Incorrectly showing some transfers were successfull (Bug 1540688, 1536670)
Missing null check when seeing what the selected interface was in the options
form (Bug 1533479)... read more

Posted by mgenti 2006-08-23

Released Version 1.1.1

TFTPUtil Version 1.1.1

Upgraded installer to NSIS 2.18 and now checks for needed version of
MS windows installer and shows license
Made changes to show assembly name in GUI to help with rebranding

Fixed bug (1521861) that would crash the tftp client on startup
Incorrectly restarting TFTP server thread when checking for "any" IP

Known Bugs at Release:

Posted by mgenti 2006-07-21

Updated Version 1.1.0 Installer

I updated the installer used in version 1.1.0 to check if the .NET framework version 2.0 is installed and if not download it.

Posted by mgenti 2006-07-05

Released Version 1.1.0

TFTPUtil Version 1.1.0

GUI now allows you to save what IP address to listen on and specify any
Upgraded installer to NSIS 2.17

Bug where you could NOT put a file via the tftp client
Support request 1490114: problem with ip address binding

Known Bugs at Release:

Posted by mgenti 2006-05-29

Released Version 1.0.0

After not finding a lot of bugs with RC1 I decieded to release version 1.0.0 fixing the bugs from RC1.
There are no plans to release any new features in the version 1 branch, only bug fixes. Any new features will be added into a new version 2 branch. Any beta code from this branch will probably be labeled 2.0.x with the release being 2.1

Posted by mgenti 2006-04-19

Release Version 1.0 Release Candidate 1

This is the first release candidate for TFTPUtil GUI, TFTPUtil Client GUI, and TFTPUtil class.
There will be no more features added until the offical 1.0 release at which point a non debug build will be posted.

Posted by mgenti 2006-03-17

Released Version 0.9.1 with GUI Installer

Fixes issues with 0.9.0 and the GUI

Posted by mgenti 2006-03-14

Removed GUI Installer for Version 0.9

I found a bunch of bugs with the new way I am displaying events in GUI so I removed the installer until I can get them fixed.

Posted by mgenti 2006-03-14

Released Version 0.9

TFTPUtil Version 0.9.0

Changed version to variable for subversion builds
Removed TFTPServerProcess ability to handle multiple connections since
that is handled by the TFTPServer and the TFTPServerProcess should
only have one connection
Progress bar is not displayed once connection is finished
GUI now shows log seperately and transfers in their own window

Exception that could occur when closing GUI window at start
Exception that could occur the GUI was found to not be listening
Problem with TFTP process not listening on correct IP
Issue with progress bar crashing gui
Another problem when there are no registry entries... read more

Posted by mgenti 2006-03-12

Added source code to subversion

Source code is now maintained with subversion on sourceforge

Posted by mgenti 2006-02-27

Released Version 0.8.3 with Options Bug Fix

A crash could occur when clicking on the options in the GUI or if TFTPUtil class was queried for the blockedips

Posted by mgenti 2006-02-16

Released Version 0.8.2 with Server Rework

Did some behind the scenes changes to the server, see the changelog for more details

Posted by mgenti 2006-02-16

Released Version 0.7.1 Fixes Alert Window Problems

TFTPUtil Version 0.7.1

Alert window now show bytes transfered

Progress bar would not show progress
Fixed problem with transparency

Known Bugs at Release:

Posted by mgenti 2006-01-21

Released Version 0.7.0 with Preliminary Client Example

TFTPUtil Version 0.7.0

Ability to turn on and off if the alert window closes
Added preliminary TFTP client example program
Added comments to most classes which reduces compiler warnings about
XML comments
Clicking on the number of transfers in GUI rechecks number of transfers
Added options to make alert window transparent or not... read more

Posted by mgenti 2006-01-21

Released Version 0.6.1 Fixes Stripping to Much In Filename

TFTPUtil Version 0.6.1

GUI can now check if there is a newer version available

Regular expression used for filename security was matching to much
Fixed email logging problem by changing something in nspring
Possible exception could occur when form is closing and we are checking
to see if the server is still listening... read more

Posted by mgenti 2006-01-15

Released Version 0.6.0

TFTPUtil Version 0.6.0

Feature Request 1398691: Ability to drag files on TFTP Server and copy
them to the current TFTP root directory
Feature Request 1398654: Event message now shows if a client requests
a file that doesnt exist instead of a generic error
Feature Request 1398670: Slowed down transfer alert window disapearing
We non search for "..\" and drive letter in file path and remove
Removed email logging until the error is figured out
You can now move the alert window... read more

Posted by mgenti 2006-01-09

Released Version 0.5.2

TFTPUtil Version 0.5.2

Added description to folder dialog in options
Added to tooltip for SQL logging help
Changed exception in to only match IOException
Installer checks to see if .NET 2.0 is installed

Alert window now fades out like originally planned
Filename case is now preserved
Fixed SQL logging, see SQLHelp.txt
Error condition when logging was incorrectly setup and log trying to open... read more

Posted by mgenti 2006-01-01

Released Version 0.5.0

TFTPUtil Version 0.5.0

GUI now shows number of active transfers
Toolstrip now shows listener IPs and port
The GUI now checks that the TFTP class is listening
GUI can now show outlook style alert upon connection with progress bar
Created installer for debug binary using NSIS
Images used in GUI are now apart of the resources in the solution
TFTPState class now uses close in GetData

We now check if XML or file was last logger type because of error
We now remove state when we receive an error message
Earlier checking if TFTP listener started sucessfully
Now checking to make sure the form is not disposing... read more

Posted by mgenti 2005-12-20

Released Version 0.4.0

TFTPUtil Version 0.4.0

Adjusted listener check sleep in GUI
Added timeout and resend options in GUI
TFTPUtil Class and GUI are now seperate projects
Added ability to change if we will hide the gui when minimized
Added documentation to the TFTPState class
Added option to change logging method to email, windows event, sql,
text file, or xml file (all use NSpring)

Had verbose and debug levels swapped
More logging changes/fixes... read more

Posted by mgenti 2005-12-14