Released Version 0.7.0 with Preliminary Client Example

TFTPUtil Version 0.7.0

Ability to turn on and off if the alert window closes
Added preliminary TFTP client example program
Added comments to most classes which reduces compiler warnings about
XML comments
Clicking on the number of transfers in GUI rechecks number of transfers
Added options to make alert window transparent or not

Exception could occur if there is no Internet connection and you check
for the latest version
Exception could occur when closing the GUI when the server did not
start successfully
Alert window would not close when receiving file
If transfer timed out we would not close transfer state
GUI would not update listening IP address if changed in options
Fixed exception when closing main GUI when alert window is active
Number of active transfers could be incorrect
Fixed another exception that could occur when closing GUI

Known Bugs at Release:

To Do Moved to ReadMe

Posted by mgenti 2006-01-21