Released Version 0.6.0

TFTPUtil Version 0.6.0

Feature Request 1398691: Ability to drag files on TFTP Server and copy
them to the current TFTP root directory
Feature Request 1398654: Event message now shows if a client requests
a file that doesnt exist instead of a generic error
Feature Request 1398670: Slowed down transfer alert window disapearing
We non search for "..\" and drive letter in file path and remove
Removed email logging until the error is figured out
You can now move the alert window

Once again an attempt at fixing the problem where the GUI doesnt think
the server started the first time the program is loaded

Known Bugs at Release:

To Do (in no order):
Add multicast option support
Add documentation
Review SendOptions method
Create a TFTP client example program
Fix email logging

Posted by mgenti 2006-01-09