#4 Error creating username

0.7.0 and Prior

I'm having some issues getting my username to save when
seting up simpleblog....

Here's teh error I'm getting:

Information not saved. I ran into a problem while
saving your Username and/or Password.

Server Reported:

I've done everything in the troubleshooter, but I'm
still getting this error...

Help is appreciated!



  • bentplanet

    bentplanet - 2004-08-29

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    I ran across this too... first make sure that the three folders
    created "config," "content," and images have "write
    permissions" set.

    My hosting companel has a control panel with a file manager.
    If yours does then access the folders on the internet and
    change the permissions there.

    From INSTALL.TXT :

    If you are still having trouble saving your username and
    password, it is most likely due to a SAFE MODE issue.

    By default, PHP is set to run in SAFE MODE.

    PHP does a UID (User ID) compare check when opening files.
    If the "sb_functions.php" file has a different UID then the
    "config" directory, then it will not be able to write any
    files to it...

    The solution is to change the UIDs of all the files and
    directories so that they are all the same. This will enable
    the PHP files to create files and directories.

    This can be accompilshed with the CHOWN command, if you
    has access to the server. Otherwise, you will need to
    contact your service provider, and tell them to change
    the UID of the directory.

  • Bill Bateman

    Bill Bateman - 2005-09-07

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    bentplanet appeared to have given a satisfactory answer to
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  • Bill Bateman

    Bill Bateman - 2005-09-07
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    nabber00 - 2012-05-01
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