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Simple PHP Blog 0.8.0 Released


- fix for proper permalink URL creation
- title alignment fix
- mobile device improvements
- updated to Atom 1.0
- removed popup themes
- removed print links in favor of print CSS
- removed trackback code
- removed gzip storage capability
- fixes for handling windows paths
- added support for downloading a backup zip file
- language system rewrite to be gettext compatible
- better support for non-javascript browsers
- fix for adding page metadata
- various bugfixes

Posted by nabber00 2012-04-13

Your Feedback: Possibly Removing Features

The following features might be removed from a future release:

1. Comment popup mode
2. Trackbacks
3. GZIP Compression for Database Files
4. Print Article Links

For details and to voice your concerns, check out the forum topic:

Posted by nabber00 2011-11-19

Simple PHP Blog 0.7.0 Released

- Dropped support for PHP 4, reduced code base by using PHP 5 functions instead
- Draft is saved if login timeout
- Search engine friendly permalinks
- Added Markitup editor for close to WYSIWYG editing
- Added new sidebar plugins
- Social Bookmark Sharing
- Creative Commons License
- Poweredby logos (moved from theme)
- Improved theming
- Separated HTML from style and simplified, consolidated
- Removed tables
- Converted to XHTML
- Improved PHP configuration checks
- Many new preference settings, see the Preference page
- Many language file updates
- Many patches applied from Sourceforge Tracker
- Option to force SSL login
- Various bug fixes... read more

Posted by nabber00 2010-11-18

Simple PHP Blog 0.6.0 Released

This is primarily a bug and security fix release.

Posted by nabber00 2010-08-15

Forums have moved

The forums hae moved to This is due to the fact that the sourceforge forums are an incredible pain to sign up for (many complaints) and we can monitor and control the other forum much easier (plus our REAL helpful users are there).

Posted by Bill Bateman 2007-07-13

Simple PHP Blog 0.4.8 Released

The latest release of Simple PHP Blog features numerous enhancement and bug fixes. If you need a blogging/CMS system that doesn't require a database, try it out today.

Posted by Alexander Palmo 2006-06-10

Security Warning

There is a known vulnerability in version and below. The exploit involves the "install05.php" file.

Make sure you delete all the "install" files after you have created your password and configured your blog.

This vulnerability has been fixed in Also, deleting the "install05.php" in previous versions will fix the issue.

Posted by Alexander Palmo 2006-04-23

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