Simple PHP Blog 0.7.0 Released

- Dropped support for PHP 4, reduced code base by using PHP 5 functions instead
- Draft is saved if login timeout
- Search engine friendly permalinks
- Added Markitup editor for close to WYSIWYG editing
- Added new sidebar plugins
- Social Bookmark Sharing
- Creative Commons License
- Poweredby logos (moved from theme)
- Improved theming
- Separated HTML from style and simplified, consolidated
- Removed tables
- Converted to XHTML
- Improved PHP configuration checks
- Many new preference settings, see the Preference page
- Many language file updates
- Many patches applied from Sourceforge Tracker
- Option to force SSL login
- Various bug fixes

These features might be removed in the next release in order to reduce the code base, making maintenance easier as well as freeing up development time to work on more important features. If you need these, please make sure we are aware:

- Comment popup mode
- Use a category for the main page (replaced by Static Page option)
- Trackbacks
- GZIP Compression for Database Files

Posted by nabber00 2010-11-18

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