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Perl Data Language / News: Recent posts

Perl Data Language 2.017 released

Announcing the release of PDL 2.017 to CPAN! This is the next stable release in the PDL-2.x series. It features bugs fixed along with improvements to the test suite and the build process. See the PDL web site at http://pdl.perl.org for more information on all things PDL.

Posted by Chris Marshall 2016-10-08

Perl Data Language version 2.011 released

PDL-2.011 is the culmination of 18 months of development and over 50 bug fixes. Enjoy the increased robustness, stability and new functionality. See the PDL web site at http://pdl.perl.org for more information on all things PDL.

Posted by Chris Marshall 2015-06-03

PDL-2.008 Released

PDL-2.008 is the culmination of 18 months of development and over 50 bug fixes. Enjoy the increased robustness, stability and new functionality. See the PDL web site at http://pdl.perl.org for more information on all things PDL.

Posted by Chris Marshall 2015-05-28

PDL-2.007 released with 64bit support to sourceforge and CPAN

The latest release of the Perl Data Language supports fully 64bit indexing and addressing. This enables the use and processing of many-gigabyte files as well as memory-mapped file access up to 8TB. PDL says "Hello, Big Data!". See the PDL web site ( http://pdl.perl.org ) for information on all things related to the Perl Data Language.

Posted by Chris Marshall 2013-10-12

Perl Data Language 2.006 Released

The PDL project announces the PDL-2.006 release and accompanying update to the PDL Book ( http://pdl.perl.org/?page=FirstSteps ). This release features improved portability and new graphics available for all PDL platforms including MSWindows. See http://pdl.perl.org for more information on all things PDL.

Posted by Chris Marshall 2013-03-24

PDL-2.4.11 with perl 5.16.0 support released

The PDL Development Team is pleased to announce the PDL-2.4.11 release of the Perl Data Language featuring support for the upcoming perl 5.16.0 release.

The release features bugs fixes, improvements to the PDL::PP code generation, and a preliminary new memory-mapped file IO capability available on *all* PDL platforms.

NOTE: As this release is not binary compatible with previous PDL versions, you will need to perform a clean install of PDL and all PDL related C/XS modules to avoid problems of version skew.... read more

Posted by Chris Marshall 2012-05-20

PDL-2.4.10 with PDL Book released

The PDL Development Team is pleased to announce the
PDL-2.4.10 release of the Perl Data Language *and*
the first PDF release of the PDL Book.

PDL-2.4.10 is the latest point release with more
functionality, portability, and robustness than ever
before, including:

- POSIX threads support for all platforms
- Auto parallelization of PDL threadloops
- Support for PDLs larger than 2GiB
- PDL Book draft release (PDF format)
- Much, much, more...... read more

Posted by Chris Marshall 2012-02-05

PDL-2.4.9_003 released to CPAN

This is a CPAN Developers release with the latest features
from the current git sources. Features include:
- Multi-processor support with pthreads. See pdldoc ParallelCPU for details.
- TriD once again supports cygwin with the w32api "native" OpenGL drivers in addition to the default X11/Mesa software ones.
- A number of bugs fixed and some new features and documentation updates.
Please see the Release_Notes and Changes file for more details.

Posted by Chris Marshall 2011-07-29

SciPDL-v2.4.9 released for Mac OS X

The SciPDL-Intel-v2.4.9 package for Mac OS X has been released.
This package includes enhanced functionality and many bugs fixed.
See the PDL-2.4.9 release notes for details.

Posted by Chris Marshall 2011-05-11

PDL-2.4.9 released

This is a minor update to PDL-2.4.8
featuring to fix a last minute bug discovered
on BSD platforms.

A bonus is that GNU make parallel builds
(with the -j N option) are now supported.
This should lead to faster compiles on
multiprocessor systems.

See the release notes for more information:

Posted by Chris Marshall 2011-04-13

PDL-2.4.8 released

Another bug fix and polishing release. New features:
* Bad value data can be saved and read with writeflex/readflex
* PDL::Constants provides basic mathematical values
* PDL::Complex supports in-place operation
* wmpeg generated video output in many file formats including anim GIF
* Many bugs fixed and build enhancements for robustness

Posted by Chris Marshall 2011-03-31

PDL-2.4.6 released

PDL 2.4.6 is available on Sourceforge and CPAN.
This is mainly a polishing release with bug fixes
and documentation improvements. Highlights are

* Enhanced 2D and 3D graphics support
* New 2D image display routine
* OpenGL-0.62 now required for 3D graphics
* Build fixes for many platforms

Posted by Chris Marshall 2010-01-01

PDL-2.4.5 released


* 3D graphics modules now run on win32 and Mac OS X
systems without requiring X11 be installed. The
only prerequisites are OpenGL and FreeGLUT/GLUT.

* Release documentation and FAQ have been updated
to be more useful (and more accurate).

* PDL build, test, and run time diagnostic messages
have been make clearer and more helpful.

* Many bugs have been fixed since PDL-2.4.4 so this
is the most reliable PDL ever.... read more

Posted by Chris Marshall 2009-10-24

PDL-2.4.4 is out

The release includes improved platform support including win32 and cygwin builds. Many bugs have been fixed. Bad value support is enabled by default to enhance functionality in the presence of missing or erroneous data. You can get PDL-2.4.4 from CPAN or sourceforge.net. Enjoy!

Posted by Chris Marshall 2008-11-13

PDL 2.4.3 is out

PDL now includes support for cygwin on Windows
platforms and improved support for native win32
builds. Lots of bug fixes. Some new functionality.
See the Release_notes, Changes file for more detail.

Posted by Chris Marshall 2006-08-20

PDL 2.4.2 is out

Have at it.

Lots of bug fixes, some new functionality.

Posted by Craig DeForest 2004-12-28

PDL-2.4.0 is out

Check it out!

Posted by John Cerney 2003-05-22

PDL 2.3.4 is out

- Now should compile using perl 5.8.0
- Improved speed for generating PDL's from a perl array ref
- Added PDL::IO::Storable, which enables PDL storage/retrieval using the Storable package.
- Added PDL::GSL::SF (Gnu Scientific Library, Special Functions) hierarchy
- New % operator follows (mathematically correct) perl % operator behavior
- Numerous Bug Fixes

See the Changes file for a detailed list of changes.... read more

Posted by John Cerney 2002-09-24

PDL 2.3.3 is out

Mainly a bugfix release with some nice little additions:
- PDL::IO::Dumper: Cleanly save and restore complex
data structures including PDLs.
- Support for the new Astro::FITS::Header module
(availiable on CPAN).

See the Changes file for a detailed list of changes.

Posted by John Cerney 2002-05-23

PDL 2.3.1 is out

Posted by John Cerney 2001-11-22

PDL 2.3 is out

The PDL module gives standard perl the ability to COMPACTLY store and SPEEDILY manipulate the large N-dimensional data sets that are the bread and butter of scientific computing.

See the release notes at

Posted by John Cerney 2001-11-20

new PDL windows binaries

Windows builds of the latest PDL from CVS are at sourceforge.


- PDL::Slatec works!
- binaries with and without badvalue support
- latest post 2.2.1 CVS additions

With bad value support: PDL-2.2.1cvs-win32-badvals.zip
Without: PDL-2.2.1cvs-win32.zip

These are zipped ppms for installation with activestate perl 5.6.

Available at:

http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=612... read more

Posted by Christian Soeller 2001-06-26

PDL-2.2.1 is out

Misc Bugs fixed, documentation updates, fixes to work with perl 5.6.1. See the release notes http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?group_id=612&release_id=32838 for details.

Posted by John Cerney 2001-04-27

PDL-2.2 is out

PGPLOT interface re-written, 'Bad' Value support added, Major updates to the Tri-D code. Many other improvements.
Check it out.

Posted by John Cerney 2000-12-27

New PPM for win32

Thanks to Tim Jenness' efforts we now have a PPM
of PDL 2.1.1 for use with activestate's perl 5.6.0.
Just download the zip archive, unpack and install
as described. For data display you also need the
PGPLOT PPM. For more details check Tim's message:

Posted by Christian Soeller 2000-07-08