PDL-2.4.10 with PDL Book released

The PDL Development Team is pleased to announce the
PDL-2.4.10 release of the Perl Data Language *and*
the first PDF release of the PDL Book.

PDL-2.4.10 is the latest point release with more
functionality, portability, and robustness than ever
before, including:

- POSIX threads support for all platforms
- Auto parallelization of PDL threadloops
- Support for PDLs larger than 2GiB
- PDL Book draft release (PDF format)
- Much, much, more...

As always, the source distribution will be available
at a CPAN mirror near you within a couple of days.
Our sf.net site has the source distribution as well
as the PDF e-book of the PDL Book.

Posted by Chris Marshall 2012-02-05

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