#112 RDP client on a per connection basis: rdesktop or xfreerdp


As far as I understand PAC supports both rdesktop and xfreerdp as RDP back-ends, but chooses rdesktop over xfreerdp, when both are installed. My experience working with both back-ends is, that rdesktop works better with old Windows clients, like Server 2003, XP and below and xfreerdp works better with new Windows clients, like Server 2008, 7 and above (and if these machines are configured with enforced security via NLA/certificates, using xfreerdp is mandatory).
So my feature suggestion is to support both (well, already there) and let the user choose which connection back-end to use on a per connection basis. A simple ComboBox on the RDP Options tab should do the trick. Options should be the lowest common denominator of all options between the two back-ends (as it is now), and a TextBox that appends extra options on a command line basis should be sufficient for special options.

Thanks for your time and effort you are putting into this great connection manager software!
Best regards,



  • David Torrejón Vaquerizas


    I'm writting just to let you know that I'm working on it right now (it's almost done!)
    Stay tuned for next PAC release!! :)

    - David.

  • skipperTux

    skipperTux - 2013-04-03

    Thanks. I am on Arch Linux, so I usually get the latest release very fast through AUR.
    Best regards, christoph


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