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OpenXDAS 0.8.351 Released!

I'm pleased to announce the release of OpenXDAS version 0.8.351. This version implements the import function of the XDAS API specification, in preparation for the creation of platform agents. Platform agents will be the big feature of the version 0.9 series. This version also fixes a defect wherein XDAS messages were arbitrarily limited in size to 4k. The limit has been removed so that the maximum XDAS message size of 64k is now fully supported. This version also adds a nice new feature to the xdastest program; the test program now supports a file name on the command line. If given, the file should be some or all of an xdasd.log file, built with the XDASD_LOG_LEVEL set to at least 10. Doing so will import each fully specified XDAS log line specified in the debug message logged by the ev_parse routine. This feature allows a user to capture log lines that exhibit problems in a way that can be then sent to us for debugging. Enjoy!

Posted by John Calcote 2009-08-21

OpenXDAS 0.8.345 Released!

Once again the openxdas project has released a new package. This is a minor release in the .8 series, containing mostly bug fixes, but we've also added a debug logging facility, and we've begun to instrument the xdasd service/daemon for critical debug logging. The new user manual provides the details in the section where xdasd configuration is explained.

The following bug fixes and features have been added to this version:... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2009-08-05

OpenXDAS 0.8.333 Released!

We're happy to announce the release of version 0.8.333 of the OpenXDAS auditing service. The following features are new in this version of OpenXDAS:

1. We've upgraded the Java client from raw sockets to NIO with native buffers. This means the Java client is much faster now.

2. We've fixed a long-standing defect in the Java client related to UTF-8 string handling.

3. We've added a doc package to the rpm build process.... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2009-07-30

OpenXDAS 0.7.320 Released!

We're happy to announce the release of version 0.7.320 of the OpenXDAS project. Bug fixes and enhancments have been made to both the C and Java clients.

* The netstream logger's SSL/TLS functionality is now working. The manual has been updated to reflect the new options and configuration instructions have been added.

* A bug was fixed in the filter code of the xdasd daemon.

* Control characters are now replaced with spaces in input strings in both C and Java clients.... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2009-07-01

OpenXDAS 0.6.294 Released!

I'm happy to announce that version 0.6.294 of the OpenXDAS project has been released today. This version includes the following changes:

* An enhanced netstream logger, that has the beginnings of SSL code in order to handle encrypted data streams. While this change doesn't affect users directly, it does show our direction with the netstream logger. The next release will have full encryption.

* Documentation has been enhanced for this release.... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2008-05-29

OpenXDAS 0.5.257 Released!

Version 0.5 (svn 257) has just been released on This version contains several key enhancments, as well as a few bug fixes discovered during development in the 0.4 installer package.

Key enhancements include:

1. The new netstream logger. The netstream logger allows you to send clear text formatted as CRLF-terminated lines to service listening on an arbitrary configured tcp port number on a local or remote server. Eventually, this service will also support generic encrypted connections using openssl.... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2007-06-21

XDAS Standardization Continues!

As of May 2007, the XDAS working group has been reestablished within the Open Group Security Forum. A new effort is now underway to update the XDAS preliminary specification. Novell, as sponsor of the open source OpenXDAS audit project, is leading this standardization effort at the Open Group in conjunction with companies such as Capgemini, Trusted Systems Consulting Group, DWP, Hewlett-Packard, Shell, Boeing, IBM, Sun Microsystems. In addition Dr. Anton Chuvakin, a consultant working with Mitre on the CEE project will be taking part in our discussions and providing valuable insight into cutting edge audit and event taxonomy issues.

Posted by John Calcote 2007-05-31

OpenXDAS Doc Updated for 0.4.226 Release!

The documentation has been updated for the recent 0.4.226 release of the OpenXDAS Distributed Auditing Service project. Several new sections have been added to make your job of using OpenXDAS simpler:

1. Filter Management
2. Using the Client Library
3. Writing a Custom Logger
4. Configuration File Management

Additionally, tabular data has been consolidated into true tables, making it simpler to comprehend.

Posted by John Calcote 2007-03-14

OpenXDAS 0.4.226 Released!

This version of the open source reference implementation of the Open Group's XDAS (Distributed Auditing Service) contains many new enhancements - mostly related to filtering.

In past releases, filtering has simply been disabled. Now, with the filtering sub-system in place, we've added not only the ability to filter messages out of the audit logs by various class information, but we've also added trigger scripts. As audit records are submitted that match filtering criteria, trigger scripts are executed by the xdasd service. The scripts can do anything that the system shell can do - and it works in both Unix and Windows.... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2007-03-09

OpenXDAS 0.3.192 Released!

This version of the OpenXDAS auditing service contains no new features, but several bug fixes.

After the caching changes that went in, we found some defects in the threaded queue manager. These have been fixed. This version is a recommended upgrade from 0.3.183 (if you downloaded that version in the last couple of days.)

Posted by John Calcote 2007-01-30

OpenXDAS 0.3.183 Released!

This version of the OpenXDAS application and system security auditing framework provides much better event submission performance for instrumented applications.

We've done this by creating a separation between the event submission pipeline and the multi-logger back-end within the xdasd daemon, implemented via a simple message queue and background thread.

This is a pre-cursor to a coming feature - complete audit log integrity. Logging integrity will be accomplished by the use of a local ISAM database for persistent storage of the audit message queue during logging. Messages will not be removed from the persistent store until they've been logged to at least one registered logging facility. Watch for the audit queue super-integrity feature in an upcoming release.... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2007-01-26

OpenXDAS 0.3.177 Released!

This latest version of the OpenXDAS audit instrumentation library contains a new back-end logger that logs audit records to ODBC. Instructions are included for setting up the necessary MySQL database, table, and MySQL ODBC interfaces.

This version of the Windows installer (.msi package) also integrates the VC8 runtime redistributable binaries, so you won't have to worry about pre-installing the vc8redist package.

Posted by John Calcote 2007-01-23

OpenXDAS Documentation Package Released

The OpenXDAS project has released a documentation package containing API user documentation and a Novell Audit conversion document.

These documents currently reflect the 0.2.104 release of OpenXDAS, but will soon be updated to reflect the latest code changes. Since the interfaces haven't changed much between 0.2.104 and the current version (0.3.152), it shouldn't be a problem for most users to use the currently available docs against the latest releases.... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2006-11-15

OpenXDAS Releases Java Client 0.3.161

This version of the OpenXDAS Java Client contains some architectural modifications. Users should now create new records using a method of the XDasSession class, rather than pass the session object in to the constructor of a global XDasRecord object.

This release also adds a public object containing the standard XDAS event types. The first releases required users to specify the standard event numbers in numeric value format (an oversight that has now been corrected).

Posted by John Calcote 2006-11-15

OpenXDAS 0.3.152 Provides JavaDoc

OpenXDAS 0.3.152 was released a few days ago. However, too late we realized that, while we've made the Java client available, there was no ready source of documentation for the interfaces provided by this client.

We've remedied this oversight by generating and making JavaDoc documentation available on both the web site, and the download site.

You can find the JavaDoc links on the page, and the openxdas-javadoc archives are also available directly from the OpenXDAS project download page on!

Posted by John Calcote 2006-11-10

OpenXDAS 0.3.152 Released!

This minor update to the 0.3 release series fixes a naming problem with the Java jar classes. For those who might have tried the Java client and found it disappointing in the 0.3.142 release, please try again with this new 0.3.152 release.

Posted by John Calcote 2006-11-08

OpenXDAS 0.3.142 Released with Java Client!

This version of OpenXDAS contains a complete JAVA client (finally!) in the form of a jar file.

The jar file may be obtained through direct download, or as part of the available binary installations (Windows MSI, RedHat/SuSE RPM, etc).

The next release will provide downloadable javadoc as well. The javadoc is currently embedded in the source, but we haven't had the time to get the output into a release yet.... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2006-10-27

OpenXDAS 0.2.122 Released with Docs!

OpenXDAS 0.2.122 has been released.

This version of OpenXDAS is basically a bug fix - it fixes a high processor utilization defect in the xdasd Event Discrimination Service (daemon).

Also in this release, the client interface has been lightly rev'd to bring it more in alignment with the XDAS specification, and to provide better feedback to the library user. The changes in the interface are limited to passing the address of a handle to any routine that could close the handle.... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2006-10-11

OpenXDAS 0.2.104 Released!

This is the second release of the OpenXDAS Distributed Auditing Service project.

In this release, we've added the ability to dynamically load various back-end loggers specified in the xdasd.conf file. We've provided four loggers in the package: file, syslog, laf and xdas.

The file logger is a simple audit log file logger. The audit log file can be configured in the xdasd.conf file - read the comments in the examples/xdas.conf sample configuration file for details. ... read more

Posted by John Calcote 2006-09-27

OpenXDAS 0.1.65 Released!

The initial release of OpenXDAS - version 0.1.65 - is now available for download on the OpenXDAS project download page.

Note that OpenXDAS version numbers are 3-part values: <major>.<minor>.<svnrev>, where <svnrev> is the Subversion repository revision number of the release. This versioning system makes it very easy to checkout the exact code base from which a particular version was built.

Posted by John Calcote 2006-09-14

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