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OpenSG 1.8.0 released

From the Changelog:

1.8.0 - 2007/07/04

geometry shaders
hierarchical multiframe occlusion culling
realtime shadows (soft, perspective, ...)
improved osgSceneViewer supporting shadows and occlusion culling.
local clipping planes
display filter foregrounds (color correction, distortion effects, ...)
frame buffer object viewport
support for Cal3D characters
physics simulation via ode
improved nurbs support
new switch material for switching between different materials
added render options to distribute render states like wireframe, occlusion culling to the cluster
added stream support to all image loaders
cgfx 1.4 support.
polygon and depth clear backgrounds
vertex buffer objects support
JPEG2000 and exr image support
local scons build system
many bug fixes

Posted by Andreas Zieringer 2007-07-04

Main website moved

The main OpenSG website has moved to . It's aTrac-based system that simplifies user contributions and better integrates source and issue tracking.

Posted by Dirk Reiners 2006-09-23

OpenSG 1.6.0 released

We did release 1.6 a while ago, we just never put out a news item for it. Sorry about that.

Posted by Dirk Reiners 2005-10-07

1.4.0 Released

From the Changelog:

1.4.0 - 2004/11/22

New Tutorial (~120 pages, written by Oliver Abert
CG and OpenGL Shading Language support.
Non power-of-two textures.
Texture LOD control, SGIS_generate_mipmap support.
Improved textures supports up to 16 teximages and 8 texcoords (via texgen)
Beacons for Genfuncs
Local light sources.
Material sorting via sort key.
New binary (osb) format.
3ds, SLP, DXF loader.
ProxyGroup for delayed loading and large model support.
ActiveX and Netscape plugin examples.
Integrated web server.
TextureBackground and PolygonForeground.
More efficient DrawTree handling (hierarchical culling, DrawTree node pool)
Traversal Masks for finer traversal control.
GraphOp/GraphSeq for scene optimizing.
Volume rendering.
Cluster improvements (faster sync & transfer,
connect/reconnect helper, sort-last)
Phong and Fresnel Material.
Helper for begin/endEditCP.
Helper for node/Core split creation and hiding.
Trimmed NURBS surface node.
FOX render widget.
FTGLText class, a simple wrapper around the FTGL font rendering library.... read more

Posted by Dirk Reiners 2004-11-22

OpenSG 1.2 released

I'm happy to announce the release of OpenSG 1.2. A long time in the making, it took us quite a while to get here. The main part of the work was restructuring, restyling and documenting the source code, which turned out to be a bigger task than we expected. Did we really write all the code? ;)

Apparently yes, and now it is documented, too. I can't say the documentation is finished, but it should be a lot more usable than it was. The Starter Guide has been integrated into the doxygen documentation, which allows you to link from the interface to the structural description and back.... read more

Posted by Dirk Reiners 2003-03-19

OpenSG 1.1.0 released

We proudly announce the 1.1.0 release of the OpenSG scene graph system. The main changes are support for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and VS6 (using Intel compiler), and the support for Clusters. There are lots of other changes, see the CHANGELOG for details.

Posted by Dirk Reiners 2002-07-03

OpenSG 1.0 released

OpenSG 1.0 released

OpenSG is a scenegraph system for realtime rendering tasks. Besides the standard goal of high
performance OpenSG targets multithread-safe data handling coupled with high
flexibility and extensibility. In addition to portability (Irix, Linux,
Windows), support of a wide range of hardware from standard PCs to high-end
multi-pipe Workstations is planned. As this is just version 1.0 not
everything is done yet, but due to funding from a reserach contract,
sustained development is guaranteed. A number of computer graphics research
institutions are actively working on moving the system beyond the state of
the art to include features like clustering, subdivision surfaces, occlusion
culling and more. See the OpenSG PLUS page for details.

Posted by Dirk Reiners 2001-10-21

Release delayed

Due to circumstances beyond our control the 1.0 release is going to be delayed. The September 10th date is already passed, but we're still commited to a September date.

Stay tuned.



Posted by Dirk Reiners 2001-09-16

Don't download right now

The release here is quite old (Feb/01), and a lot has changed. The next release will be available soon, so please come back in a couple weeks or subscribe to the announce mailinglist to get informed when it happens.If you really can't wait you can try the CVS... ;)



Posted by Dirk Reiners 2001-08-02

Impending Release

The last release is pretty old and has quite a lot of problems. Most of which are fixed already in the CVS, in addition to the numerous new features. The next release is expected shortly after SIGGRAPH (Aug 13-17), so come back after that to get a good impression.

If you want to be reminded automatically, just subscribe to the Announce mailing list. It's very low traffic, primarily for announcing new releases.... read more

Posted by Dirk Reiners 2001-07-24

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