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OpenSG 1.8.0 released

From the Changelog:

1.8.0 - 2007/07/04

geometry shaders
hierarchical multiframe occlusion culling
realtime shadows (soft, perspective, ...)
improved osgSceneViewer supporting shadows and occlusion culling.
local clipping planes
display filter foregrounds (color correction, distortion effects, ...)
frame buffer object viewport
support for Cal3D characters
physics simulation via ode
improved nurbs support
new switch material for switching between different materials
added render options to distribute render states like wireframe, occlusion culling to the cluster
added stream support to all image loaders
cgfx 1.4 support.
polygon and depth clear backgrounds
vertex buffer objects support
JPEG2000 and exr image support
local scons build system
many bug fixes

Posted by Andreas Zieringer 2007-07-04

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