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OpenRPG 1.7.1 released!

Special thanks to Dj Gilcrease for all the hard work.

Posted by chris davis 2007-03-09

OpenRPG 1.6.3 Released!

OpenRPG, a Python based virtual tabletop application for playing role playing games online, has been updated to version 1.6.3.

For current users please use the /update command in the chat window to upgrade the easy way.

A Windows based installer is also available.

Visit the OpenRPG website for more information

For a summary of changes in version 1.6.3 check the project wiki at

Posted by Todd Faris 2005-12-07

OpenRPG 1.1.1 Release Candidate 1

OpenRPG 1.0.1 Release Candidate 1
is ready for download.

Posted by chris davis 2002-06-10

OpenRPG 1.0.3 Released

OpenRPG 1.0.3 is available for Download

Posted by chris davis 2002-04-12

OpenRPG 1.0.1 Release Candidate 1

OpenRPG 1.0.1 Release Candidate 1 is available for Download. Please report bugs and other issues so we can make the official 1.0 release bug free!

Posted by chris davis 2002-03-21

OpenRPG 0.9.8a Released!

Well, its been out for awhile, but I'm updating our news....

Posted by chris davis 2002-01-24

OpenRPG 0.9.6a Released!

OpenRPG 0.9.6a Released!

Posted by chris davis 2001-09-26

OpenRPG 0.9.4a Released!

I'm pleased to announce version 0.9.4a of openrpg. No special thanks for this release, every developer put in a lot hard work for this one. This release contains a ton of bug fixes and numerous new features including: Alias node Min Lib Node Ignore Dice toolbar Map Scale Auto Log Cut, Copy, and Paste Menus Player IDs Improved booting More character sheets Chat Auto-complete now optional User selectable "Typing" and "Idle" text. ... read more

Posted by chris davis 2001-07-10

OpenRPG 0.9.2a Released!

This release contains mostly bug fixes and improved network code that should ensure more stability. A special thanks goes out to Greg Copeland for his work in this area. Again, this release is incompatible with previous versions of OpenRPG.

Other Notes: I have discontinued the creation of a non-debug mode of openrpg. There was just too many inconsistencies between the two version. I will revisit this issue after 1.0 is released.... read more

Posted by chris davis 2001-06-21

OpenRPG 0.9a Released!

The most significant change in this release is the migration to a server side validated miniature map. This new implementation should resolve many of the map version conflicts that come up during gaming sessions. A special thanks goes out to Andrew Bennett for his work in this area. Again, this release is incompatible with previous versions of OpenRPG.

Posted by chris davis 2001-06-08

OpenRPG 0.8.9a Released

OpenRPG 0.8.9a has been posted. Unfortunately this version breaks network compatibly with older versions. So upgrading is mandatory if you want to connect to the openrpg server. New features in 0.8.9a: one window mode, hex maps, improved miniature facing, tabbed group edit, improved grid cells, tree auto save option, player booting, new user guide, insert nodes by URL, and more.

Chris Davis

Posted by chris davis 2001-05-29

OpenRPG 0.8.5a Released!

I'm very happy to announce the released of OpenRPG 0.8.5a. You can find it at its usually location. For me, 0.8.5a marks a turning point in OpenRPG's development. Never before has there been so much code contributed from developers other than myself. The OpenRPG project really has moved from a one man operation to a team project. So a special thanks to Andrew Bennett, Christopher Rouse, Lex Berezhny, Jesse McConnell, and Dragonstar.
The number of bug fixes and new features is quite substantial, but here is a brief list: word auto-complete, auto-reconnect, improved map, player status, live name change, improved whisper, improved windows, improved game tree, and a ton more character sheets. ... read more

Posted by chris davis 2001-04-27

OpenRPG 0.8.1a Released!

OpenRPG at its usually location:

<P><a href=

<P>This version addresses a number of bugs related to network connections and
invalid XML data, but there are a few new features as well, including:

<li>Adjustable Buffer Size.
<li>Columns in Group nodes.
<li>An improved grid node (just check it out, its hard to explain).
<li>A dnd 2e character sheet (by woody).
<li>A warhammer fantasy RPG character sheet (by me).
<li>Some Linux related code to help find wxPython (if installed by RPM).... read more

Posted by chris davis 2001-03-13

OpenRPG 0.8a Released!

I'm very happy to announce Openrpg 0.8a. The biggest addition to this release is of course the game server. I think users will find 0.8 remarkably more stable than 0.7.2. In addition to the game server, 0.8 has a new windowed interface. Download it and let me know what you think.

Release Notes:

-New network code.
-New Windowed Interface.
-New text block/die macro editor. These two nodes are almost identical in 0.8 and will be only one node in future releases.
-Node Whispering.
-New encounter node (its just text nodes and a group node now).
-Numerous bug fixes.

Posted by chris davis 2001-02-23

OpenRPG 0.7.2a Released!

This release contains many bug fixes and feature requests made after the release of 0.7. I couldn't get everything people requested into 0.7.2, sorry. I've enabled the Bug Tracking System and Tech Support Manager provided by sourceforge, so WHEN you find bugs, please do me a favor and log them. Enjoy!

Bug Tracking System:

Tech Support Manager: ... read more

Posted by chris davis 2001-01-23

OpenRPG 0.7a Released!

I know I promised a beta version with this release, but I still consider 0.7 an alpha. Since the last release, I've gotten a ton of suggestions, and I won't call any release a beta until I can integrate some of those great ideas into OpenRPG. So, enjoy alpha release 0.7a.

What's New in 0.7a:

Windows Install:
I've created a Windows install program for OpenRPG. This should help newbies get started a lot quicker. No more WinZip!... read more

Posted by chris davis 2000-12-29

OpenRPG 0.6a Released!

After 3 months of really hard work, I'm very happy to announce the latest
release of OpenRPG, version 0.6a. It could be the last Alpha release, as
most of the engine is complete, and I am now focusing on add-ons. There are
lots of things to mention about this release, so I urge you to read the rest
of the my notes:

Release Notes:

-Windows and Linux versions: I am no longer distributing OpenRPG in one
cross platform zip. I have created a zip for Windows, a tarbel for Linux,
and a source only zip. Installation for the Windows zip and Linux tar are
pretty much identical. The source distribution exists for Unix and Mac users,
whose installation will require building wxpython and python. As always, this
version of OpenRPG is built for the latest versions of Python (2.0) and
wxPython (2.2.2).... read more

Posted by chris davis 2000-11-06

OpenRPG Mapper Plan

I posted a document detailing the preliminary plan for the mapper so everyone can lend their opinions before I start hacking code. I also moved all the documents over to Source Forge's DocManager. Anyone who is interested in participating in OpenRPG's development in any capacity (programming, docs, help files, tutorials, etc..) should get a source forge account.

Posted by chris davis 2000-07-24