OpenRPG 0.6a Released!

After 3 months of really hard work, I'm very happy to announce the latest
release of OpenRPG, version 0.6a. It could be the last Alpha release, as
most of the engine is complete, and I am now focusing on add-ons. There are
lots of things to mention about this release, so I urge you to read the rest
of the my notes:

Release Notes:

-Windows and Linux versions: I am no longer distributing OpenRPG in one
cross platform zip. I have created a zip for Windows, a tarbel for Linux,
and a source only zip. Installation for the Windows zip and Linux tar are
pretty much identical. The source distribution exists for Unix and Mac users,
whose installation will require building wxpython and python. As always, this
version of OpenRPG is built for the latest versions of Python (2.0) and
wxPython (2.2.2).

-New Game Tree! Most of the last few months have been spent creating
the new Game Tree, of which I am very proud. The new tree has unlimited
possibilities and requires no XML knowledge. It's completely customizable,
and can be saved to different file names and loaded at a later time. In this
distribution, I have included three tree files: a default tree (tree.xml), a
d20 Dungeons and Dragons (d20tree.xml), and a Dominion Rules games tree
(DRtree.xml). There is so much new about the Game Tree I can't really put
it all in the release notes.

-Help files: In this version I have documentation! I would appreciate
feedback on these help files (grammar corrections, suggestions, etc...)

-D20 Add-ons preview. As I stated in the last release, I'm working on
a lot of d20 add-ons. In this release, I have the start of the d20
character tool. I really think it illustrates the power on possibilities of
the new Game Tree. Check it out. The next release will include the finished
d20 character tool and lots of other d20 game tools.

Chris Davis

Posted by chris davis 2000-11-06

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