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OpenIT 3.0.1 RC1 Released

A new release candidate of OpenIT has been put into the download section.

This release makes a number of changes to the software inventory section to make it easier to track serial numbers and which computer the software is installed on.

Posted by Nick Vrtis 2007-06-03

Important OpenIT Development Update

Please visit OpenIT's Community Home Page for the latest OpenIT Development update:

Posted by Michael Schurter 2006-06-15

OpenIT 2.2 Released

I'm pleased to announce the final release of OpenIT 2.2. Version 2.2 is the first minor stable release after OpenIT 2.0. Remember that odd numbered minor releases such as 2.1 and 2.3 are considered development versions and generally not for production use.

Everyone is encouraged to upgrade to 2.2. Please see doc/upgrade.txt for instructions on upgrading from 2.0 (or earlier) to 2.2. There was only 1 critical database change.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2006-04-25

OpenIT 2.2-RC1 Released

OpenIT 2.2-RC1 Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of OpenIT 2.2 Release Candidate 1.
The OpenIT 2.2-RC1 release includes minor bug fixes over 2.2-beta3. If
no critical bugs are found, this release will become 2.2-final.

For 2.0 (or older) users:
Check the doc/upgrade.txt document for notes on upgrading to 2.2. Also,
note that you no longer have to worry about PEAR packages as they're
bundled with OpenIT! Below are the major changes since 2.0. See the
doc/changelog.txt file for details.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2006-03-21

OpenIT 2.2-beta3 Released


This release includes lots of bug fixes as well as a couple
new experimental features that won't be considered stable by
the 2.2 final release. These include SPNEGO authentication
and MS SQL support.

Thanks to Dieter Hofrichter for numerous contributions and

- Improved database authentication code and "text" style login. (michaelss)
- Fixed date time incompatibilities in Windows. (hofrichter)
- Updated PEAR packages. (michaelss)
- Fixed some bugs in Policies. (hofrichter)
- Fixed bug in setup.php. (michaelss)
- Added experimental SPNEGO (Single Sign On with IE & AD) support. (hofrichter)
- Fixed major bug when editing Reports. (hofrichter)
- Changed Reports.SQL field to 'text' data type. (michaelss)
- Added French (Canada) translation thanks to Steve Rainville.
- Updated auth_ldap.php for better ActiveDirectory integration. (hofrichter)
- Added Hofrichter's MSSQL setup script and made setup.php check which DB is
specified in settings.ini. (michaelss)

Posted by Michael Schurter 2006-03-07

OpenIT 2.2-beta2 Released

I'm pleased to announce the release of OpenIT 2.2-beta2. Thanks to the detailed bug reports of Dieter Hofrichter and Francesco Fullone, a couple major bugs were resolved. I'm hoping that the next release of OpenIT will be a release candidate for 2.2 with the official stable release soon to follow.

Changes between 2.2-beta1 and 2.2-beta2:

- Updated translations thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Fixed major bug in News thanks to Dieter Hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Fixed Support redirect bug and Updated bug thanks to fullo. (michaelss)
- Fixed two major Policies bugs thanks to Dieter Hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Removed OS from Computers column options since it wasn't working. (michaelss)... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2006-02-09

OpenIT 2.2-beta1 Released


OpenIT 2.2-beta1 represents a large number of bug fixes over the
previous release, 2.2-alpha1. Lots of bugs have been fixed thanks to
user submitted reports. While the developers' mailing list[1] is the
preferred form of communication, posting to the Help forum[2] is also
encouraged. Suggestions not related to bugs or support issues may be
discussed on the developers' mailing list[1] or the Open Discussion
forum[3].... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2006-01-26

OpenIT 2.2-alpha1 Released

OpenIT 2.2-alpha1 is the first development release in the
2.2 stable series. All OpenIT 2.1 users are encouraged to
upgrade, but OpenIT 2.0 users should wait until the final
stable 2.2 release. There will be at least one beta and one
release candidate version of the 2.2 series before a final
stable 2.2 release.

This release contains a large number of bug fixes over the
last 2.1 release including improvements to cross-database
support. Please test this release thoroughly and report
bugs/patches to either the Help forum, Developers forum, or
the Developers mailing list.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2006-01-20

OpenIT 2.1.5 Released

OpenIT 2.1.5

OpenIT 2.1.5 is the latest development release of OpenIT.
Many bugs have been fixed and hopefully 2.1.5 will become 2.2
beta and eventually 2.2.

Many thanks to hofrichter for all of the testing and detailed bug reports!

- Switched a <? to <?php in tools/setup.php thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Added missing /> in inc/header.php thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Fixed bad HTTPS check in loginauth.php & logout.php thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Fixed bad toAssocArray call in edit.supportlog.php thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Switched DataObject null assignments to use DB_DataObject_Cast::sql('NULL'). (michaelss)
- Removed timezone from datetime functions at hofrichter's suggestion. (michaelss)
- Fixed some errors in the News CreationStamp field thanks to hofrichter. (michaelss)
- Updated PEAR modules. (michaelss)

Posted by Michael Schurter 2006-01-10

OpenIT 2.1.4 Released

OpenIT 2.1.4

I am pleased to announce the latest development release of OpenIT: 2.1.4. This release contains a number of small but important bug fixes over 2.1.3.

Please test this release thoroughly and post bugs to either the forums on SourceForge or the mailing list. If all goes well this release will become 2.2.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-12-19

OpenIT 2.1.3 Released

OpenIT 2.1.3 Released
Project Page:
Community Site:
Demo Site:

OpenIT is an IT management web application targeted at small and medium
sized businesses. OpenIT 2.1.3 is the latest development/testing
release, and anyone using a previous development release is encouraged
to upgrade.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-11-14

OpenIT 2.1.2 Released


OpenIT 2.1.2 is the latest testing release of the OpenIT IT management web application. While the 2.1.x series are all testing releases, a large number of outstanding bugs have been fixed for 2.1.2 and it is considered nearly ready for production use.

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-11-01

OpenIT 2.1.1 Released

OpenIT 2.1.1 Released

OpenIT 2.1.1 is the latest testing release of the OpenIT open source IT
management web application. All users of 2.1.0 are encouraged to
upgrade as this release contains a number of critical bug fixes.

OpenIT 2.2 will be the next stable version of OpenIT, but users are
encouraged to try the testing version as it contains a number of
exciting new features.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-10-28

OpenIT 2.1.0 Released

OpenIT 2.1.0

I'm pleased to announce the 2.1.0 version of OpenIT. Remember that odd
numbered minor version releases are *testing* releases meaning 2.1.0 is
*not meant for production systems.*

A number of exciting changes have been made to 2.1.0 which are currently
only visible in the Peripherals section. The Peripherals list has
gained powerful new persistent filtering and sorting capabilities.
You're changes to the way Peripherals are displayed are automatically
saved in a new profiles fields that all users have.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-10-17

OpenIT 2.0.1 Released

OpenIT 2.0.1 Released

I'm pleased to annouce the release of OpenIT version 2.0.1. This is the latest stable release of OpenIT, and all users are encouraged to upgrade.

2.0.1 contains a number of critical bug fixes over the initial 2.0 release. There were no database schema changes. The two following changes were made:

- Corrected issue where inproper ID was being saved in numerous forms.
- You can now name your database whatever you want. (thanks foobarbam!)

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-10-03

OpenIT 2.0 Released

OpenIT 2.0 Released

I've very pleased to announce the release of OpenIT 2.0. The last stable version of OpenIT, 1.4, was released on November 1st, 2004. Lots of new features have been added, and the entire codebase has be reorganized and made more object oriented.

OpenIT is a free IT management web application aimed at Small to Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) written in PHP. It has a number of sections to organize IT resources including: Computers, Peripherals, Software, Employees, Support Tickets, Knowledge Base, Policies, and News. It also has simple Out of Office support as well as simple Reporting. A web based HTML Editor (FCKEditor) is builtin to make creating rich text easy and cross platform compatible.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-09-06

OpenIT 2.0-RC3 Released

OpenIT 2.0-RC3 Released

OpenIT 2.0-RC3 is the latest testing release of OpenIT. All users of previous testing versions of OpenIT 2.0 are recommended to upgrade. No database changes have been made since 2.0-RC2, so simply replace your existing OpenIT files and edit inc/settings.ini to update.

There have been a number of significant fixes and improvements in this release:
- inc/debug.php is not even included if Debug = False (michaelss)
- Turned off register_globals in the main .htaccess file (michaelss)
- Fixes to Computers, Support Tickets, and Out of Office (michaelss)
- Fixes to Vendors (foobarbam)
- Improved date/time handling (foobarbam)
- Fixed bad link in News thanks to franjb68 (michaelss)

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-08-24

OpenIT 2.0-RC2 Released

OpenIT 2.0-Release Candidate 2

2.0-RC2 contains a number of important bug fixes and internal improvements over 2.0-RC1. All users are recommended to upgrade immediately.

If no critical issues are found with 2.0-RC2, it will become 2.0-final and a new development cycle will begin with 2.1.

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-08-08

OpenIT 2.0-RC1 Released


OpenIT 2.0-Release Candidate 1 is one of the final stages before releasing the final 2.0 version. If no critical bugs are found in RC1, it will be released as 2.0-final.

Therefore all users of previous OpenIT 2.0 versions are strongly encouraged to upgrade. No database changes were made, and a number of improvements have been made.

To upgrade simply replace your old OpenIT 2.0 files with new ones from a 2.0-RC1 package. Keep a copy of your inc/settings.ini file, and remember to put the important settings back into the new version of OpenIT you just installed.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-08-02

OpenIT 2.0-beta3 Released

OpenIT 2.0-beta3

There are two significant changes:

1. Printers has been removed in favor of Peripherals. The two tables
are very similar, so converting from Printers shouldn't be difficult.

2. FCKEditor, the builtin HTML editor, works again.

You may download OpenIT 2.0-beta3 from the following URL: read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-06-22

OpenIT 2.0-beta2 Released

OpenIT 2.0-beta2 Release

The most significant changes in the second beta release of OpenIT 2.0
are in the tools/setup.php script. There are a few other minor bug
fixes, and the documentation (doc/*) has been updated.

There was a database change between b2 and b3, so upgrade instructions
are provided in a new document: doc/upgrade.txt

There will probably be a beta3 released in the next couple weeks which
will hopefully address issues such as standardizing date/time handling,
removing or completing Reporting, and removing the deprecated Printers
section. After these issues have been addressed, release candidates
will be released until all release critical issues are resolved.

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-05-31

OpenIT 2.0-beta1 Released

OpenIT 2.0-beta1 Release

2.0-beta1 is the first beta release for the 2.0 series of OpenIT.
There is still some way to go before 2.0-final, so expect at least a
couple more beta releases and at least one RC release.

A MySQL dump of the OpenIT database schema is now located
under the tools directory and is used by the setup.php script to
automatically create OpenIT's database.... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-04-26

OpenIT 2.0-alpha3 Released

This release mainly addresses a long standing issue that caused an error to be displayed when a user logged out.

No database changes have been made, and all users currently using the Testing branch should upgrade as soon as possible.

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-03-22

OpenIT 2.0-alpha2 Released

OpenIT 2.0-alpha2 Released

The 2.0-alpha2 release contain enhancements and minor bug fixes to the initial 2.0-alpha release.

- Added filtering to Computers List
- Reimplemented Reports (very rudimentary, but dynamic)
- Improved XHTML compliance
- Lots of minor code cleanups & style/layout changes
- Updated FCKEditor to RC3 (acolflesh)
- Fixed lots of Printer bugs... read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-03-21

OpenIT 2.0-alpha1 Released

OpenIT 2.0-alpha1 has been released. This is not meant for production use and still has missing functionality.

If you are upgrading from a 1.x installation of OpenIT, the way passwords are stored has changed. Passwords are now stored as sha1 hashes instead of AES encrypted strings.

Release Notes:

Download: read more

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-03-09

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