OpenIT 2.1.1 Released

OpenIT 2.1.1 Released

OpenIT 2.1.1 is the latest testing release of the OpenIT open source IT
management web application. All users of 2.1.0 are encouraged to
upgrade as this release contains a number of critical bug fixes.

OpenIT 2.2 will be the next stable version of OpenIT, but users are
encouraged to try the testing version as it contains a number of
exciting new features.

Refer to the documentation in the /doc/ directory for installation and
upgrade instructions. Please note that the files
/modules/Computers/list.php and /modules/Peripherals/list.php are
*deleted* and should no longer exist once you upgrade to 2.1.1.

- Fixed list problem with Computers (acolflesh)
- Removed list.php from Computers & Peripherals as common.list.php is
now able to handle list generation using metadata from the
DataObjects. (acolflesh)
- Updated the PEAR packages (michaelss)
- Fixed Unix specific directory separator thanks to Max Meyer
- Fixed broken toAssocArray function thanks to Max Meyer (michaelss)

Posted by Michael Schurter 2005-10-28

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