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mrbs-1.2-pre3 release candidate

Release Name: mrbs-1.2-pre3

The main new features in this pre-release are periods support,
mysql authentication and email support. As usual many minor
changes and bug fixes.
See NEWS/ChangeLog for more details.

This is the last 1.2 pre-release before 1.2. Only bug fixes will
occur between 1.2-pre3 and 1.2.


Thierry Bothorel

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Posted by Thierry Bothorel 2004-05-14

MRBS-1.2-pre2 release candidate

Some new 'funny' things to play with:

  • MRBS is now fulled Unicode compatible. This means japanese and european users can share the same MRBS server and each encoded character set will be displayed correctly (John Breranek).

  • Authentication has been fully revamped. MRBS now uses sessions by default to store user information, with the ability to log on-off (Jean-Franois Larvoire).

  • Daylight saving time issue finally closed (Gavin Walker)... read more

Posted by Thierry Bothorel 2003-12-08

MRBS-1.2-pre1 release candidate

Minor changes from MRBS 1.1. This is mainly to fix a few bugs
in mrbs 1.1 and to make mrbs working with register_global=off

See NEWS/ChangeLog for more details.

We think (John and I) about adding developers. The project starve a little since John Beranek and me do not have much time for mrbs.

Posted by Thierry Bothorel 2003-09-23

MRBS supporting more databases

Meeting Room Booking System Development version

Dear testers / contributors,

MySql and postgreSQL are fine and free, but some people may want to run mrbs
with their current DBMS and don't want to install a new one just for MRBS.

This is an attempt to replace the existing database wrappers with a new one
that supports more DBMS. We choosed MDB class, not because it supports more
DBMS than other classes (it does not), but because it has the higher level in
database abstraction layer to assure true database independance, making use of
its own database field types.... read more

Posted by Thierry Bothorel 2003-09-17

0.9.1 released

i've released version 0.9.1. this is a stable release, the currently reccommended version

Posted by Daniel 2001-02-04

Development branch

Because most of the development is going to be large I have decided to branch it off until everything stabilises down a bit. The main branch is called "RBS" (Resource Booking System if you're interested). I'll try to remember to move the relevant stuff across to the main branch.

Posted by Sam Mason 2000-09-06

Web site update

I've updated the project homepage ( to be a bit different, still lots of text and not too may images, but never mind. The demo should work again as well, which is now the latest version.

Posted by Sam Mason 2000-08-22

Development Update/General Info

Sorry its been so long since the last update.

Since the last time any news was added, there have been several new features added and ownership of the project has moved from Daniel Gardner to Sam Mason.

The most important feature added is the ability to do repeat bookings.

I have also just released a new version of MRBS (0.8-pre6) that fixes all the current issues that I know of and have fixes for.

That's about it for now, Sam.

Posted by Sam Mason 2000-07-20

Version 0.8-pre1

A new release has been made. Check the "released files" to get it

Posted by Daniel 2000-06-16

New website

I've actually got around to making something a little more tarty - take a look at

Posted by Daniel 2000-05-27

New release - UPGRADE!

One major bug was fixed which meant that any booking between 1st and 9th of the month couldn't be made.

Posted by Daniel 2000-05-27

First Release!

The first useable release of MRBS has been made. Download it from a page near you!

Posted by Daniel 2000-05-23

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