mrbs-1.2-pre3 release candidate

Release Name: mrbs-1.2-pre3

The main new features in this pre-release are periods support,
mysql authentication and email support. As usual many minor
changes and bug fixes.
See NEWS/ChangeLog for more details.

This is the last 1.2 pre-release before 1.2. Only bug fixes will
occur between 1.2-pre3 and 1.2.


Thierry Bothorel

[ Mrbs NEWS Legend: ]
[ ]
[ + Added feature ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ - Bug fixed (we hope) ]

Version 1.2-pre3 (Fri May 14 04:00:00 GMT 2004):

[+] Added long awaited "periods" support. Calendar can displays 'periods'
instead of classic time of the day.
[+] New authentication scheme 'auth_db'. This is a web-based authentication,
based on a user table in the mrbs database. User administration page has
a special feature to automatically display fields that admin may add to
the user table, no need to edit the code. This new authentication is not
yet implemented for Postgresql.
[+] Added email support. Emails can be sent to MRBS administrator, area or
room administrators, or bookers and for each entry creation, change or
deletion. Emails for changed entries display the value of previous
settings. Added emails fields to room/area admin and edit_users pages.
[+] Added option to retrieve users emails from other authentication
schemes as auth_db (if ldap is used, user email will be username plus
domain name)
[+] Added option to allow for a day to start at say 8:30 am.
[+] Database tables names are now variables defined in This
will allow users to install multiple sets of mrbs tables when only one
SQL database is available, or resolve table name conflicts.
[+] Booking is now possible from the month view by clicking a new 'plus sign',
taking the user to an add entry page for that day of the month.
[+] Using auth_db, the link "you are XXXX" becomes a link to all upcoming
entries belonging to XXXX (report page).
[+] Added support for multiple pop3 or imap server to be used for
authentication (in case of failure).
[+] Added greek language (Stavros Papadakis), updated finish (Tom Ingberg),
german (Michael Glaessel) and swedish (MissterX) languages.
[+] Added option to determine the default starting view, i.e. month, week or
day (Warren Turkal) and the starting room.
[+] Added support for changing area/room in Add/Edit entry form.
[*] Capacity is not displayed in brackets next to room name if capacity is 0
[*] Preview page now displays the color key.
[*] Added option to display both time and descriptions in month view.
[*] Various enhancements to display/navigation (added pop-up messages in
various places, added direct links between room headings and week
view, highlighting of cells on mouse-over, highlighting of current
month/week/day in mini calendars, ability to book a room by clicking
anywhere in cells, navigation link duplicated under the calendar...)
[*] Added option to display time on right side in day and week view
[*] Enhancements to report page: added 'type', 'creator' and various sorting
[*] LDAP servers login processes, does an anonymous bind first
[*] Fixed bug/enhancements to avoid url problems when using a proxy in
the environment. Although breaking HTTP specs, use of relative paths
allows to run mrbs with https (ssl).
[*] Added some javascript code to control user inputs mainly in edit_entry.php
(avoid selecting february 30,...)

and several other minor bug fixes and minor changes. To see details, please
read /web/Changelog file from Dec 07 2003.

Posted by Thierry Bothorel 2004-05-14

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