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MplayerOSXB8r5 is fixed

please download it again ......
externall libaries are now compiled as static

Posted by Jan Devera 2005-05-21

TIGER binaries

New binaries ONLY for macos X 10.4. and new MPlayerOSX2b8r4 (its recompiled old mplayerosx with tiger binaries)
MPlayer OS X 2 beta 8r5
recompiled for macosx 10.4.
it's ONLY FOR 10.4. or better (if you have 10.3.xx use older version)
there is new -vo based on cocoa and coreimage
there are problems with some audio files

MPLAYEROSX source is now on
because we have enough free time to improve mplayerosx......

Posted by Jan Devera 2005-05-20


- basic DVD support
- fixed fulscreen mode
- updated mplayer binaries
Known bugs: audio output is still low and buggy, mkv with aac and realvid9 still isn't working

Posted by Jan Devera 2004-12-12

fixed MplayerOSXB8r3

fixed mplayerosxb8r3 version is up
im really sorry about previous versions (there was bug with cache)
-now works resizing, shorcuts ala quicktime (apple0,1,2,3), metal if
-new shortcuts for change speed ([ ,])
-new shorcuts for play frame by frame
-fixed audio output on multichanel devices
-fixed cache
-x246 support
Known bugs: lower audio volume, mkv with aac and realvid9 still isn't working

Posted by Jan Devera 2004-10-24

new lastbinary

- new video scaling ala quicktime
- fixed audio output
x246 encoder and decoder
- VCD support
thx to Nicolas Plourde

Posted by Jan Devera 2004-10-20

mplayer osx b8r2

finally fixed AAC audio (MKV with aac audio and ra video should now work)
fixed vo_quartz close button
changed libmpeg to 0.40
no changes in gui

Posted by Jan Devera 2004-08-26

mplayer osx b8

Mplayer is now compiled without sdl support
Primary vo output is -vo macosx (made by Nicolas Plourde)
Support for playback on second monitor

Known bugs:
Live video resizing in current version isn't working sorry
If you use red button to close movie mplayer crasch
Use stop button or enter

Posted by Jan Devera 2004-08-02

new binaries with full RealCodecs support

- now mplayer and mencoder support all realcodecs
- used realcodecs for Darwin from the Helix Player project
- thanks to brkirch

Posted by Jan Devera 2004-06-14

new binaries with Xvid 1.0 b2
- fixed cache
- proges info in mencoder now works
- new matroska and xvid libaries
- recompiled sdl support

Posted by Jan Devera 2003-12-16


- small changes, recompiled mplayer and preflighter, flac and some new quicktime codec support
-recommended Macos 10.3

Posted by Jan Devera 2003-10-27

MPlayer OS X 2 beta 5 is out!

Few improvements and a few bug fixies. Just heck it out.

Posted by Jan Volf 2003-07-31

new binaries (only) for Panther

there are new binaries compiled with Panther and new Developer tools, most libaries is recompiled under 10.3 with gcc 3.3 and altivec support...
WARNING ---- this binaries don't work with 10.2 and are untested....

Posted by Jan Devera 2003-07-09

MPlayer OS X 2 beta 4

MPlayer OS X 2 beta 4 is out, check it out and report any problems. I'm especialy interested in how it will work on slower machines.

Posted by Jan Volf 2003-05-07

New mencoder and new binaries ..

There are new mplayer & mencoder binaries compiled todey from last mplayer and ffmpeg CVS

Posted by Jan Devera 2003-05-01

Sources in CVS repository

Yes, finally sources are available in CVS repository. Enjoy it :). I think that they are quite well commented but I still want to write some documentation to let the software design be better understood. Now I'm still working on it in my spare time so the sources are all the time "hot and fresh".
Note that the the font files are not included in CVS and I want to remove the mplayer binary application too and distribute it as a separate release. Though the MPlayer OS X release will of course contain all these files so it plays movies out of the box.

Posted by Jan Volf 2003-04-26

MPlayer OS X 2 beta 3

Oh, I forget to put it in to the news... The hopefuly last beta is out. It's last chance tu submit a bug and I do all my best to fix it :). Go and check it out.

Posted by Jan Volf 2003-04-19

MPlayer OS X 2 beta 2

I was too lazy to make the disk image. The sit file contains only application other files are on the beta1 disk image.

- The wide-screen aspect ratio should be fixed now, but I didn't test it (thanks to Devros). Please report me how it works.
- Fixed problem when setting video to fit screen when the video have lower aspect ratio then monitor.
- Added font menu and support for adding fonts -(Fonts folder inside app bundle Resources). The mplayer supports only PC TrueType fonts and the old "font.desc" fonts (should be enclosed in a folder).
- The size of subtitles were slightly decreased.
- The full-screen progress bar is back.... read more

Posted by Jan Volf 2003-04-10

MPlayer OS X 2 beta 1 is out!

- Removed persistence of subtitles and audio file from last played movie if none selected for next one.
- "Aspect ratio:" menu should now work.
- Changed size of some GUI elements to better accommodate longer localized strings.
- Added German and French localizations.

Posted by Jan Volf 2003-04-04

MPlayer OS X 2 beta

Beta version of MPlayer OS X 2 is out for testing and localizing user interface. Check it out!

Posted by Jan Volf 2003-04-01

MPlayer OS X v1.1 released

MPlayer OSX is multimedia player with playlist, supporting playback of all widely used media types (MPEG 1-4, DivX, AVI, ASF, Ogg Vorbis, RealMedia, QuickTime Movie, MPEG layer 1-3, AC3, WindowsMediaAudio and more) and movie subtitles of various formats (MicroDVD Player, Subrip and more). It is based on Mac OS X port of MPlayer - Movie Player for Linux. This new version includes latest build of MPlayer binary and few features distributed as standalone application without need of additional installation of binaries, libraries and other stuff.

Posted by Jan Volf 2003-02-03

New lastbinaries with aac support

Finally works aac audio
Now you can play mp4 and new 3ivx files with audio

Posted by Jan Devera 2003-01-28

New Mencoder with Xvid support is out :))

Now is mplayer and mencoder compiled with Xvid, for use xvid in mplayer type -vc xvid, in mencoder use -ovc Xvid. Quality is awesome....., but is slower than FFmpeg.

Posted by Jan Devera 2003-01-25

new mencoder&mplayer binary

- fixed folder name
- compiled with actual CVS version LibSDL, MPlayer, libavcodec

Posted by Jan Devera 2003-01-14

Added last Mplayer (superfast) and Mencoder binary

This is last mplayer and mencoder compiled from CVS.
The last binary build of mplayer is on G4 much faster there is it.
If you have Mplayer OSX copy this file to /usr/local/bin (sudo cp mplayer /usrlocal/bin) or change path in Mplayer OSX, Preferences, path to mplayer: (default is /usr/local/bin/mplayer)

If you have ffmpegX
-use the following commands in terminal mode (copy and paste them, line by line): ... read more

Posted by Jan Devera 2003-01-08

New fast mencoder with gui ....

-aded mplayer for preview m DVD, and preview movie
-fixed Gui (works without unmounting DVD)
-compiled with new altivec patch in libavcodec (ffmpeg)

Posted by Jan Devera 2003-01-07