Added last Mplayer (superfast) and Mencoder binary

This is last mplayer and mencoder compiled from CVS.
The last binary build of mplayer is on G4 much faster there is it.
If you have Mplayer OSX copy this file to /usr/local/bin (sudo cp mplayer /usrlocal/bin) or change path in Mplayer OSX, Preferences, path to mplayer: (default is /usr/local/bin/mplayer)

If you have ffmpegX
-use the following commands in terminal mode (copy and paste them, line by line):

sudo cp ~/Desktop/mencoder /usr/bin/mencoder
sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/mencoder
If you have MEncoder OSX copy mplayer and mencoder inside /Mencoder for OS X/Contents/Resources/

Posted by Jan Devera 2003-01-08

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